Friday, October 23, 2009

SMILE! You're On Candid Camera!

Kentucky Greetings from the Gang! Not too long ago our family was watching television and we saw the funniest show called Candid Camera. It's a show where people play practical jokes. If you are keeping up with Dog Gone Wild, you know that Chloe played a practical joke on me. We asked our readers to tell us about practical jokes they had been involved in. Our faithful readers from Holiday sent us their responses. They are too funny!

Hello again from Holiday! Here are Mrs. Lentz’ responses from the question:

Have you ever played a practical joke on somebody – or has someone played a joke on you?

I have played a joke on my mom. One I ate the rest of her cereal after she told me not to, so I switched my cereal with my mom’s box. Talaisa

I have been on the other side of playing a joke. My sister played a joke on me. I was playing my PS2 one day and she put a fake spider on me. BJ

Yes!! I got a joke played on me by my brother and my dad. They put whipped cream on my hand and I whipped my face! Josiah

Once me and my friend were down by the river jumping on the trampoline. Simon was right next to the river playing around with his cell phone. The he ran crying, “Oh my gosh! I dropped my phone!” We told him no he didn’t, but we went to the river and looked down and could see a phone with lilly on the screen. Oh, no…… Annie

I have played a practical joke on my brother by hanging a scary mask on the bed where he couldn’t see it and whenever he got up it would make a scary sound. Jaxon

As I was walking to my room, I didn’t know my older brother was hiding behind the door. As I walked by he jumped out and scared me. Madison

One time I was in the shower and my dad went to the bathroom, but I thought it was my sister, Kelsey, playing a joke on me. So to get her back, when she was in the shower, I flushed the toilet 7 times and she screamed the shower was so hot! Later I found out it wasn’t Kelsey who went to the bathroom, it was my dad playing a joke on me, so I got in trouble and Kelsey was so red she looked like she had a sunburn. Katie

Yo! Woody! I played a joke on someone. I got a balloon filled with mud and worms and made a spring trigger and SPLAT! I got my friend. See you later. Dylan

A practical joke has been played on me: A boy in my class tricked me into letting him push me into the pod at my birthday party. Brittany

My sister put a rubber band on the sink sprayer and when I cut on the water it sprayed me. But then, when I got out the shower before a game, Cody and my teammates scared me and I fell back in the shower and they turned the water on. Ka’Tyvin

I scared my friend in the basketball game and he fell in the shower and we turned the water on. Cody

One day my friends birthday party, my friends told me they were going to put whipped cream on my face at 5 am. I woke up and scared them. Karson

At my friends birthday, she was in the bathroom and when she came out we all hid, jumped out, and hit her with pillows. She fell down and we tackled her. Claire

I’ve played a joke on my friend when we were running away from her, and then we started chasing her instead. It was really funny. Kiara

When I was absent when I was 8 years old, I saw this practical joke on TV so I wanted to try it. I went in my sisters room and put shaving cream all over her hand. Then I tickled her nose and BAM! She had shaving cream all over her face! Jack

Yes, my brother played a joke on me. I was walking in the garage with the light out. He jumped out and scared me. Makenzie

Yes, I have played a practical joke on my brother. I put on a fake mask and went into his bathroom and he screamed like a girl. Derik

My cousin would always take my chips, so I set a fake mouse trap in the bag and the plastic snapper caught his finger (but it didn’t hurt too bad). Dominique

I’ve played a joke on my friend my putting a “kick me” sign and then kicked him. Brandyn

Yes, I have played a practical joke on somebody. When my sister and I and cousins went back to the Trail of Tears Saturday, we took pictures where the three chiefs died. I told her someone was behind her, but there wasn’t. Jakoyia

I put a whoopy cushion under my dad after he farted! It was hilarious! Cameron

I have pulled prank on somebody by putting shaving cream on somebody’s hand and tickled his nose and he got it all over his face. Koby

Yes, somebody played a joke on me when it was my sleepover and when I went to sleep they put catsup in my ear and I they told me it was blood. I believed them! Kaci

When I was in the shower my mom and brother’s put ice and cold water on me. Emma

Someone jumped out of the closet with a mask on and scared me! Ryoya

Once we had a fake baseball sticker. My dad and I and my brother was throwing it and then my dad put the sticker on my mom’s back window of her car. My dad yelled at us (fake yell) to go inside and then we told my mom that we broke her car window. She went outside and yelled and then my dad said it was fake. Hunter

Once my mom told me to come downstairs. When I did, my dad scared me at the bottom of the stairs. Kirsten

I’ve played a joke on my friend. We were coming in for recess and I sneaked in behind her and said, “Boo!”. Lataviya

One time when I was 8 my dad put a fake spider in my bed. When I woke up it scared me half to death. Logan

Someone has played a joke on me. My dad built a haunted house at Halloween. He told me to go and get the costumes, and when I opened the box a huge spider landed in my face. Sydney


Mrs. Lentz’ class

We always love to get comments from our readers. All I can say is that Chloe's joke was mild compared to some of these practical jokes - especially Dominique's!!! I must confess that I got some ideas too. I think Chloe may have a payback coming - and I know how she is scared of spiders! Hmmmm....

Keep reading, keep surviving, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!