Friday, September 28, 2012


Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Hope you are having a great day! It is raining here at our doghouse in Shepherdsville. It seems to be raining lots lately, but that's okay. It gives me a chance to stay in more, read books, play checkers with my siblings, and catch up on emails.

Our friends from Ms. Matthis's class at Owensboro 5/6 Center have been keeping my inbox filled with great emails! I was so excited yesterday to see all the emails come in that my paws got so crazy and I hit the wrong button. Unfortunately, the button I hit was "DELETE!" Whoops! Thanks to Mom, she was able to fetch the emails for me. So, if you sent me an email and I haven't replied, that is why! Sometimes I can be so clumsy and impulsive!

Anyway, if you are reading UNLEASHED, you know that Doc Albert put together a Rx Box for Chloe and me. Our trainer this week had us zip line! Talk about being a scaredy cat! I asked students to email me to tell me other places in KY we could zipper, uh, zip line. I copied the emails from our friends in Ms. Mathis's class. I copied them word for word so you could see how terRUFFic they were! Hopefully I didn't miss any emails. If I missed your email, send me another one so I can add it to this great list! Okay, here goes:

They should go to the forest and run and zip line the hole forest and the rocky mountains because it a grate places to go to zip line
– Travis S.

nashville,tn - because its fun to get on a zip line i haven't but it seems fun have you
– Ashanti

You should go to Tennessee and zip line because they are safe, fun, and long or short. –
- Caleb A.

Woody and Chloe you should go to , Jesse James Stables - Cave City, Kentucky, because they are open until 9 am to 6 pm.
– Noah H.

Big Rock Off Road Park
Maysville, KY
2,000 acres open to all off-road vehicles, must purchase day use pass, camping available for park guests, zip line with 3 lines

Black Mountain Thunder Zipline
Evarts, KY
11 lines, 1.5 miles in total length, located at Black Mountain Off Road Adventure Area

Kentucky Shores Zip Lines
Gilbertsville, KY
8 lines, 2 sky bridges

Life Adventure Center of the Bluegrass
Versailles, KY
575 acre farm (non-profit 501c3) focusing on Adventure Education Programs for youth, adults, schools, and families.

Lousville Mega Cavern & Mega Zips
Louisville, KY
100 acre underground cavern, 5 line underground zipline adventure, swinging bridges, tour of 17 miles on trams beneath the city, replica fallout bunker and old mining operation...

- Derek

you should go to black mountain cause that is the fastest zip line in the world and guess how long it is it is 1.5 miles long so i think that you should go there to go zip lining.
– Kaitlyn

National Forest
- Chase C.

the red river george because...The Red River Gorge canopy tour has 5 zip lines anywhere from 330 ft to 1900 ft. The tour is between 2 -3 hours. The last two lines are dual racing zips that allow you to race at speeds up you 50 MPH soaring 250 ft over the Red River Gorge.
1. mammoth cave
2. Red River Gorge
3. Louisville Mega Cavern
4. Black Mountain

- Kobe C.

Red River Gorge Zipline Tours
Big Rock Off Road Park
Kentucky Shores Zip Lines

i pick big rock of road because it sounds really cool and over 2,000 arches were built outside of masyville Kentucky

- Haley H.

Mammoth Cave,Red River Gorge,and Louisville Mega Cavern and Black Mountain Off Road Adventure Area.

You should go to Louisville mega Cavern And Black Mountain Off Road Adventure Area because it is the fastest place to zip line.

- Kailey

Camp Lucan I think y'all should go to camp because it is a fun place and it was an experience for me last year and it has more things than zip lining thats why I want y'all to go to Camp Lucan. Maybe you could take the whole 5th
grade to camp lucan if they earn witch i know i could earn it

– JaKiyah

I think they should go to red river gorge because 7 separate zip lines that complete the tour they offer great views of one of the most scenic areas in kentucky.

- John

here are some zip lines in kentucky to go zip line Black mountains thunder zip line, mammoth zip line adventures, red river Appalachian zip line, life adventure center zip line, mega zips, red river gorge zip lane.
The one i think looks the funnest is mega zips it is in louisville kentucky and why you should go there is because it is 17 miles long so Chole and Woody would get a lot of exercise from walk down there and riding on the zip line . Chole and Woody would have fun too i bet.
- Caitlyn

Places to zip lines are Kentucky action park in cave city,mammoth cave adventures in cave city, black mountain thunder zip line in Evarts,and, red river zip lines in frenchburg.
I say go to red river zip lines in french burg Kentucky.
They have 7 ziplines tour speed through the trees. It is great fun easy access for young and retire.
- Alexis L.

1. kentucky shores

2. lousivlle

3. mamoth cave

4. red river gorge

5. black mountain

- Josey

There are 6 places to zip line in KY and i am going to name them off to you.There are Mammoth Cave,Red River Gorge,Louisville Mega,Black Mountain,Big Rock Off Road Park,Kentucky Shores.There you go there are 6 places in KY.
I would porblely go to Red River Gorge because it sounds prettey and amazing to go their and their would good things to look forword.

- Haleigh

i found some places you could go zip ling kentucky shore zip lines, mammoth cave, and Louisville Mega Cavern & Mega Zips.I would recommend Mammoth Cave because it is safe for kids and it was Kentucky's first canopy zip line tour so that would be cool.

- Emma

1 Kentucky shores

2 mammoth cave

3 black mountain

4 Louisville

5. red river gorge

- Brandon P.

big rock off road park, black mountain thunder zip lines, Kentucky shores zip lines, Louisville mega cavern & mega zips, mammoth cave adventure. i suggest black mountain thunder zip lines because it has 11 lines, 2.0 miles up to 500 feet and speeds up to 60 miles per hour.
adult- 79 dollars per person
children 12 and under- 40 dollars per person
group of ten or more- 60 dollars per person
black mountain off road permit holders- 60 dollars per person

- Kristopher

Hey I found some places you could go zip lining Big Rock Off Road Park, Louisville Mega Caverns, Mammoth Cave Black Mountain Thunder Zipline.
I would Recommend going to Black Mountain Thunder Zip line, i think it would be fun because it has eleven zip lines, 1.5 miles in total length located at Black Mountain Off Road Adventure Area.

- Alexia P.

I think you should go to versailles,Kentucky.I think you should go here because there are so many things you can do besides zip lining. you can see lots of wildlife.also there you can go horse back riding. also you can go hiking or biking.

- Dillon

You should go to mega cavern its awesome the workers are nice and its a awesome place to go visit they told me that they had ghost hunters go in in there because they thought there was a ghost on the zip line tour

Mammoth cave adventure

Red river Appalachian zip line tours

Mega cavern

Kentucky shores kip line

- Landen

Woody you should go to Kentucky Shores zip lines because there are 8 total zip fly 550 to 600at 20 to 30 miles an minimum weight is 50 to 250 pounds.

- Paxton

Hey Woody! Here are some places for you to go zip lining!!!!! :)

Mammoth Cave, Red River Gorge, Louisville Mega Cavern and Black Mountain Off Road Adventure Area, Red River Appalachian Zip line Tours, and Kentucky Shores Zip Line.

I would personally recommend Mammoth Cave because it has Canopy zip line tour, guided by horseback and you can camp.

- Layne

Big Rock Off Road Park

Black Mountain Thunder Zipline
Kentucky Shores Zip Lines
Lousville Mega Cavern & Mega Zips
Mammoth Cave Adventure.

And I reccomend the Mammoth Cave Adventure because safety is there number 1 priority they make sure your really safe here primary of course it's only 55 dollars that's why I think Mammoth Cave Adventure is the best for you!!!!


Hey woody i found 5 zip lines that you and your family and friends can zip line at

Black rocky mountain

Kentucky gorge

Red river gorge

Louisville mega carven

Daniel boon national forest

I think that you should go to black rocky mountain because it is 200 feet off the ground.

It might freak you and you family out tho don't get scared you won't fall.

I would like to go their and zip line but i got Asthma and i wouldn't able to breath with all the air rushing in my face.

- Jeremy

Hey wood I think you and your sister should zip line at Mammoth Cave because I think it would be really fun to go to Mammoth Cave and go zip lining!!!!!!!!

- Lily

hay woody i found 5 places u and your family can zip line, Kentucky Gorge, Black Rocky Mountain,Red River Gorge,louisville mega carven, daniel boon national park .

I thank you should go to the rocky monition because it is 200 ft tall.

I thank it would be so much fun 200 ft tall

- Zachary M.

You can go to Black Mountain Thunder because it is fast and fun and it can go higher in the air.

- Amanda

Red river Appalachian
Red river gorge
Black mountain thunder
I think woody should go to Black mountain thunder because it is the highest mountain in Kentucky.
Kentucky shores
Mammoth cave adventure
Louisville mega cavern and mega zips

- Alejandra

i think you should pick mammoth because it is fun

- Ashiana

I found three think you should pick mattthoth cave because the ziplineing is big

- Halie N.

Mammoth cave , red river gorge , Louisville mega cavern , black mountain , big rock off road park
- Yovani

they should go to black mountain thunder zip line red river gorge zip line tours big rock of road park mammoth cave adventure and red river appalachian zip line tours.
i think they should go to black mountain thunder zip line because it has 11 lines 1.5 miles in total length and because it can go up to 400 feet up in the air.

- Nathan

Hello Woody,

I have found some other places in Kentucky to go zip-lining! I would recommend the Red River Appalachian Zip-line Tours because you can go if you're a first timer or an experienced zip-liner.
• Big Rock Off Road Park
• Black Mountain Thunder Zip-line
• Kentucky Shires Zip-lines
• Life Adventure Center of the Bluegrass
• Louisville Mega Cavern & Mega Zips
• Mammoth Cave Adventure
• Red River Appalachian Zip-line Tours
• Red River Gorge Zip-line Tours
Lydia Hobdy
P.S. Have a "Paw"sitively good day!!

Rocky mountains because it is a great place to go but its a good thing because its more longer.

- Imonte

You can zipline herein owensboro because a lot

- Julius


- Dylan N.

there is one in owensboro you need to go on the zipline become it fun you get to fly went the brid

- Scotty

mammoth cave

I picked it because it is a fun place to go zip lining

- Tatiana

louisville because its more closer and me alex wants to see animals.!

- Alexander

Mammoth cave. I pick this because its fun place to go zipline.

- Kayslee

Maysville becuse it is long and it is fary down and it is the firts zipe line.

- Jazmyn

Hi woody i'm Jalen and the place to zip line is Louisville, KY because it have 5 zip lines and the are fast and cool and get t be in a cave while zip lining.

- Jalen

1 place to go zip lining is National Park because its the best place to

- Jordan

Hey Woody! I know where a good place to zip line is! Its at Mammoth Cave. It is fun because you can see off the things above the forest. It makes you feel like you are up in the clouds. I will email you again soon!!

- Skyler

You can zip-line in Maysville, KY because $20 for a person can get you riding on all 3 lines, but the minimum weight is 60 pounds to 260 pounds so make sure you eat healthy and be active so you can ride the zip-lines!

- Noah C.

OK here are some cool places in kentucky to zip line:
Kentucky Shores, Big Rock Off Road Park, Life Adventure Center of the Bluegrass, Mammoth cave adventure, Black Mountain thunder

- Olivia

We received an email from Derrick G. and Daniel H. but we couldn’t open either of them.


Don't these emails make you want to pack a bag and zip down to one of these places and soar above ground? Makes my heart go pitter pack and my knees knock just thinking about it! If I want to go zip line, I have got to do my chores! So, I better skee-daddle! Have a great day, keep the emails coming, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Hopefully you are reading Unleashed, participating in the activities, and listening to me read the chapter each week. We are receiving tons of emails regarding the story. In fact, students in Ms. Tina Matthis's class at Owensboro 5 and 6 Center have been emailing me plenty of suggestions on how Chloe and I can get some exercise. The suggestions have been terRUFFic - and sound like so much fun! In fact, some of them didn't even seem like exercise at all - but Mom and Dad reminded us that exercise can be enjoyable!

We combined a list of all the answers and included them for you to read. Chloe and I copied them exactly the way the email was written. We also listed the first names of all our contributors below. When we get fit because of these suggestions, we want to make sure our friends get the credit! Maybe you can find some new ways to exercise too!

Leg Lifts
Jumping Jacks
Rock Climbing
Cross Country
Drink Water
Eat right
Tug of War
Curl Ups
Trampoline Gymnastics
Pull Ups
Push Ups
Sit Ups
Canoeing to build up strength
Ride a scooter
Ride a bike
Zip line
Rock Climb
Mountain Climb
Jooge around the block
Play Tag

Kobe G.
Noah C.
Kobe C.

Thanks again everyone for the ideas! We can't wait to try them out! Unfortunately, it is raining puppy dogs and kitty cats here at our doghouse in Shepherdsville so exercising outside isn't a possibility now. Mom said that wasn't an excuse. She said that push ups, pull ups, curl ups, squats, Jumping Jacks, and lots of other activities could be done inside. When I put on my skates and started skating through the living room, Mom explained skating was an outside activity. Oh well, I guess I will work on curl ups - then I'm going to curl up in the bed for a cat nap!

Keep the emails coming and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UNLEASHED - Chapter 1

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! It is a rainy day here at our doghouse in Shepherdsville! Chloe and I have finished our lunch, completed our chores, and are getting ready to play a game of Chinese Checkers! Before we pulled all the marbles out, I wanted to show you an email we received earlier from our friends at Simmons Elementary in WOODYford County. Last year, Ms. Logan's 3rd Grade Reading Class followed Doghouse Divided. Already, her brand new 3rd Graders are reading UNLEASED. Here was an email Chloe and I received last evening:

Hi Woody!

This is Ms. Logan at Simmons Elementary! I have a whole new group of 3rd graders in my reading class this year and they are so excited about reading your new book! They all remember when you came to visit us last year! I hope you and Chloe (and your mom and dad) are doing well.

Here is what my class predicts is in your Rx box:

-Healthy Foods/Water/Fruit Juice
-A book or cookbooks about healthy living
-An exercise machine

We are looking forward to reading chapter 2 and finding out! Hopefully you will be able to watch what foods you eat and get some more exercise so your test scores go down at the doctor!

Talk to you soon,

Ms. Logan's 3rd Grade Reading Class

Mindy Logan
3rd Grade Teacher
Simmons Elementary

A cookbook, you say? An exercise machine? Hmmmm... Interesting! I guess you will have to read the next chapter to see if you're correct! By the way, don't you love our new illustrator, Mr. Chris Ware? And if you haven't listened to the podcast, make sure you do so. Everyone thinks it is so much fun listening to me read the story!

I better go. Chloe just brought me the Chinese Checkers game. She said some of the pieces are missing! Uh oh, I think I lost my marbles!

Stay dry, keep the comments coming, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!