Friday, June 16, 2006

A day in London - Kentucky, that is!

Happy Friday, WoodyWatchers! Where in the world has the week gone? It has flown by for Chloe and me. Our week has been filled with lots of travel and library visits. Yesterday we were in London, Ky at the Laurel County Public Library. It was a beautiful building that was only three years old. Mommy reminded us to remember our manners while in the new building. "Woody, no accidents today!" Well, thankfully I was a good boy and didn't have one single accident! But, that wasn't the best part of the day! The best part was all the people we met.

Ms. Karen, Ms. Leah, and Ms. Mary of the library made us feel so welcomed. In addition, we were able to see so many friends! All of the friends who came gave us lots of love, rubs, and even doggie treats. That was a good thing since I was starving!

We wanted to show you this photo of our new buddies. This is Joseph, Katherine, and Jimbo. The three of them were great ear and belly rubbers. While Mommy was signing books, Joseph kept me occupied with milk bones. I knew I liked that guy from the minute I saw him!

Today, Mom, Dad, Chloe, and I will be in Goshen. We can already tell it is going to be a super day. It is only 7:00 a.m., but the sun is shining so brightly that Chloe and I are wearing our sunglasses inside our house!

I better say goodbye. Don't forget to wear your sunglasses and your sunscreen, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Two Posts in One Day!

Hi Friends! Remember when I was telling you how Chloe and I were going to have company? Well, here they are. Meet Sam and Jack. Sam and Jack live in Maryland. Mommy and Daddy love their grandparents! Well, since Sam and Jack were in town visiting their grandparents, Chloe and I got to meet them. We were immediately best friends.

Sam and Jack have a dog named Lucy Lou. Sam wants to go to Murray State University -the same college Mommy went to! Isn't that neat? We thought so too!

Sam and Jack also got to meet our brothers and sisters. Rio, our older brother loved how Sam and Jack through sticks in the lake so he could fetch! I asked Mom if we could visit Maryland one day. She said Maryland was a long way away, but we would see!

Whew! What an exciting day! I better say goodbye for now. Chloe just told me that Lassie is coming on TV. After that, it will be bedtime.

Have a great night! Don't forget to Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


The Library in CrestWOODY

Hey WoodyWatchers! Chloe and I hope you have enjoyed your Tuesday. Let me just say that we have put lots of miles on the Woody Bus this week. Yesterday we were in Tompkinsville with the kids of the Monroe County Public Library. Today, we were closer to home in Oldham County, Kentucky. That's right - we were at the South Oldham Library Branch in Crestwood, or CrestWOODY as I like to call it! There were so many kids, and Chloe and I loved meeting each one of them!

We were thrilled to be able to see our friends Maddie, Zachary, and Ethan. Their dad manages our online doghouse - You can see Maddie, Zachary, and Ethan, along with their mom in the second photo. We also included the photo of Maddie with my paw print on her face. It looks great, doesn't it???

As you can see, it was an exciting day. We will be at the other two branches of the Oldham County Library this week, so if you are anywhere close, please come and see us!

Well, I better go. Chloe and I are going to have company later. Two boys from Maryland who have been reading about us are in our town. They are coming to our house to meet us. Chloe and I can't wait. I better go brush my teeth and comb my hair.

I will write again soon! Be sure to Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Saturday in Shelbyville

Good Saturday, WoodyWatchers! Chloe and I hope each of you have had a super day. Usually on Saturday, Chloe and I sleep late, watch Scooby Doo, and play with our favorite toys. Well, today was a work day for Chloe, Mom, Dad, and me. But you know what? It was better than a day off. We spent the day in Shelbyville at the Friends of the Library Book Fair. We saw so many of our friends, as well as met many new ones. Chloe and I know one thing for sure and that is that you can never have too many friends - especially good ones like our new friend, Lexie.

Lexie came all the way from Lexington to see Chloe and me. We immediately fell in love with her. I learned very quick that Lexie was a terrific ear scratcher and belly rubber! I asked Lexie if she would come on the road with us and become our official ear scratcher, belly rubber, and fan club president. Her mommy said that she should finish kindergarten first. That's a good idea!

After the library visit, we headed back home. Chloe and I slept most of the way while Daddy drove. Working on Saturday can be exhausting! Anyway, we are back home now, have had our dinner, and are almost ready for a bedtime story and snack. So, I better say goodnight for now. Chloe and I hope you all have sweet dreams!

Next week, we will be on the road Monday through Friday, so stay tuned as we tell you all about our travels. In the meantime, make new friends, listen to your parents, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Friday, June 09, 2006

Busy in Butler County!

Hey WoodyWatchers! Hope you have had a super week! Today is Friday and Chloe and I have the day off. We have been so busy lately, so a day off is a treat. After our chores, we are going to play outside, read our favorite books, and take a nap. Mom said we could watch Lassie on TV today too! We are excited.

The great part about our job? Well, it doesn't seem like a job. It is so exciting to travel around, visit libraries in the summer, and meet so many new faces. Yesterday we were at the Butler County Public Library in Morgantown, KY. When we walked in and saw our cool doghouse, we knew we were right at home. They even had paw prints on the floor welcoming us. We hope you enjoy the photos! By the way, how many people were in my doghouse???

Speaking of photos, check the photo page of our website soon. We will be adding a photo album that has over 100 new pictures! You might just see yourself! Also, check our tour page to see if we will be in your backyard this summer. We would all love to see you.

Well, I better go. Chloe said that Mom and Dad have breakfast ready for us, and you all know how I love to eat! Have a wonderful day! Stay cool, wear your sunscreen, and WORK AND DREAM LIKE A BIG DOG!