Friday, June 09, 2006

Busy in Butler County!

Hey WoodyWatchers! Hope you have had a super week! Today is Friday and Chloe and I have the day off. We have been so busy lately, so a day off is a treat. After our chores, we are going to play outside, read our favorite books, and take a nap. Mom said we could watch Lassie on TV today too! We are excited.

The great part about our job? Well, it doesn't seem like a job. It is so exciting to travel around, visit libraries in the summer, and meet so many new faces. Yesterday we were at the Butler County Public Library in Morgantown, KY. When we walked in and saw our cool doghouse, we knew we were right at home. They even had paw prints on the floor welcoming us. We hope you enjoy the photos! By the way, how many people were in my doghouse???

Speaking of photos, check the photo page of our website soon. We will be adding a photo album that has over 100 new pictures! You might just see yourself! Also, check our tour page to see if we will be in your backyard this summer. We would all love to see you.

Well, I better go. Chloe said that Mom and Dad have breakfast ready for us, and you all know how I love to eat! Have a wonderful day! Stay cool, wear your sunscreen, and WORK AND DREAM LIKE A BIG DOG!