Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sleighbells ring...

Chloe and I just love the Christmas season. We love singing carols. We kicked off our Christmas season with a parade! This past Thursday, Mom, Dad, Chloe, and I were in the Bardstown Holiday Parade and guess who was asked to be the Grand Marshal of the festivities? That's right, (sniff, sniff), me! It was too fun. The four of us rode in a really cool (and I mean cool) convertible! It was misting rain and windy. Convertibles are nice, but I don't think they were designed for winter! Oh well, it was an exciting night, no matter what the temperature. Besides, Mom had dressed us in our warmest sweaters and hats!

We are off to Northern Kentucky for a school visit. I better help Chloe pack her suitcase. I will post pictures in a few days! Have a great week, stay warm, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!

...a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, Walking in a Winter Wonderland!!!


Chilly Dogs

Hey Friends! You can sure tell winter is on its way. It has gotten so cold!!! In fact, Chloe and I have to wear our sweaters when we go outside now. We will definitely put our sweaters on tonight. Chloe and I have been chosen to be the Grand Marshal of the Bardstown, KY Christmas Parade. We are so excited! We will be riding in a convertible! We will be sure to post pictures tomorrow!

This is a photo with our new friends at Russell-McDowell Intermediate School in Greenup County. They were so friendly - and excited about our visit. They had put posters all along the hallway showing us how much they love us. It was a great, great day!

I better go. Chloe and I have to practice our parade wave!

Have a great day. Be sure to put your sweater on when you go outside!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Friday, November 25, 2005

Stuffed Hot Dogs!!!

Happy Thanksgiving (a day late)! Chloe and I hope each of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. We always love Thanksgiving. It is nice to see all of our family - and to eat the yummy food! Mommy always gives us a plate of turkey and gravy! I asked Mom if it could be Thanksgiving every day!!! She said we should be thankful every day, not just one day a year. Chloe and I agreed. Then we asked her if we could eat turkey and gravy every day. She and Dad both said no! At least we tried. Thank goodness for left-overs for the next few days.

Mom, Dad, Chloe and I spent Thanksgiving in Paducah with Granny, my aunt, uncle, and all my cousins! While we were in Paducah, we took the time to do some sightseeing. Be sure to check the web in the next few days to see all the photos. We also spent the day before Thanksgiving at The Carlisle County News in Bardwell, KY. This photo is of a lady who came to meet Chloe and me. She is 79 years old. Her birthday is the day before Chloe's!!! She was so sweet to Chloe and me. She would have taken us home if she could have. Chloe and I love meeting people of all different ages who have read "Tails".

"Tails of the Bluegrass" may have come to an end, but I am already hard at work writing my next column! Stay tuned for the details!

Have a great day, don't eat too many left-overs, and tell your family you are thankful for them! As always, Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Friday, November 18, 2005

An evening at the GreenWOODY Mall

Hey Gang! Sorry I haven't written all week. As usual, our week has been packed meeting people and visiting exciting places. Most of this week found us in my birthplace of Paducah. It always gives me warm, fuzzy feelings to spend time in the very town I was born. We were with the students at Heath Elementary, Concord Elementary, and Heath Middle. If you are a weather watcher, you know that the weather was RUFF in Paducah this past week. In fact, Mommy, Daddy, Chloe and I had to get in the tornado position with all the students at Concord. That was a first for Chloe and me. It was easy since we were so small. Thankfully, we didn't have a tornado!

Last night, we were able to spend some time in Bowling Green at the GreenWOODY Mall. We always love being in Bowling Green. This is the town Dad went to college. (It is also the town that Big Red and I took a tour of in the cool corvette.) We met many students who have been following the "Tails" series. The first photo is with our new friends Christopher, Cookie, and Victoria. They were students from Auburn. Christopher said his favorite story in the "Tails" series was when we visited Rupp Arena. The next photo is with Trey. Trey goes to Richpond. He really liked the Monkey's Eyebrow story. Trey also asked the question everyone wants to know: "Why does a dog's leg shake when you scratch his belly?" I am still trying to figure that out myself. When I find out, I will let you know!

I better run. Chloe and I are busy catching up on chores here at home. I will "blog" again soon!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Kentucky Book Fair

As you can see from our blog, it has been a busy week! Today, Mom, Dad, Chloe and I spent the day in Frankfort at the Kentucky Book Fair. This is one of our favorite events of the year. We were able to see so many of our friends. It was even more exciting this year to hear the tales of people following the TAILS series! We signed so many books that we finally had to take a break. Mom said she would sign books while Chloe and I rested in Daddy's arms. When nobody was looking, Chloe and I both took a cat nap!

We will be traveling back to my birthplace this week to be with the students of Concord Elementary, Heath Elementary, and Heath Middle. We always love being in my hometown! We will be staying with our Granny. I bet she will make her chicken and dumplings! YUMMY! We will also be at the GreenWOODY Mall in Bowling Green on Thursday evening signing our scrapbooks! If you are in the GreenWOODY area, come on out!

We are getting ready for a bedtime snack. Mommy said we could eat Vanilla WOOFers tonight. Chloe is calling me! Talk to you soon!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!



Friday, November 11, 2005

On the playground with Ms. Lucas's gang!

Hi Friends! The game of basketball was a huge success! We were exhausted! In fact, Woody was too doggone tired to type. Once again, being the big sister, I am helping Woody out!

After P.E., Woody and I spent the afternoon with the students in Ms. Lucas's class. Since it was such an unusually warm November day, we decided to spend it outside! J.T., Dylan, and Savannah lunged for the swings while Josh S.,Alex, and Elizabeth dangled from the monkey bars. If you are wondering where Paul, Lee, Lily, Madalyn, and Willie were, well they were playing a game of tag. Boy could Madalyn run fast for a girl!!! Craig, Jeremy, Olivia, Jill, Travis, and Jonathan decided they would have a snack. Since their lunch pails were empty, I decided to share my Scooby snacks. They thought they were doglicious! Jacob, Hunter, Heather, and Josh C. were being top notch students and reading their favorite book, "A Penny's Worth of Character". While everyone was playing, Woody and I helped Ms. Lucas grade the spelling tests. Boy, fourth graders can spell some difficult words like Mississippi. I never knew that state had so many letters!

It is time to go. In fact, the buses are pulling in the parking lot. Woody and I have to pack our backpacks and say goodbye. We will miss everyone! It has been such a wonderful week.

In the words of my brother, "Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!"


I won't even tell you what Chloe and I found in the Hardinsburg cafeteria today. You guessed it - corndogs! I was so glad Mommy had packed a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich for Chloe and me.

After lunch, Chloe and I spent time in Mrs. Hagman's class. Friday afternoon meant time in the gym for Mrs. Hagman's students. Chloe and I really enjoy P.E. class. Everyone knows how much we would love to play ball for the University of Kentucky Wildcats! We were thrilled when we learned we would be playing basketball during P.E. time!

Chloe and I put on our best tennis shoes - all four of them - and we ready to play. We chose teams. Ben, Bryce, Mikayla, Meggie, and Taylor were on a team. They decided to call themselves the Louisville Cardinals. Chelsea, Luke, Dusty, Robbie, and I were the opposing Wildcat team. Ms. Hagman, Kaysie, Shayna, Allie, Megan, Kayla, and Chloe were the cheerleaders. Garren, Zach, Jason Henning, Logan, and Bradley were great referees. Tyler was the Wildcat mascot while Jason Parry was the Cardinal mascot. Ms. Cronin and Mommy were the coaches. We didn't know Mommy could coach like that! If you are wondering where Dad is, well, he was the best water boy around!

After a spirited game, I am happy to report that my team (the wildcats) came out on top. We won the game 45-40. Mommy, who was the wildcats coach, was so excited that she did something that I had never seen her do before. She ran out on the court and did a cartwheel with Chloe and the rest of the cheerleaders. I never cease to be amazed at all of her talents.

The cardinals were really good sports but they wanted to play another game. Unfortunately there wasn't time because Chloe and I had to go visit with Mrs. Lucas' class. As we bid Mrs. Hagman's class farewell, we spotted Mrs. Lucas' class heading out to the playground for some fun in the sun. After playing basketball, we decided that some fresh air and sunshine was just what we needed.

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!



Ms. Burrows and her Budding Picassos!

All of that singing stirred up my creative juices!

After leaving music class with Ms. Hall and her students, we pranced to Ms. Burrow's class. We arrived just in time for art class. We were so excited that our tails couldn't quit wagging! It was time to start on our project! Everyone knows how much Chloe and I love looking at the colorful murals. Ms. Burrows said we could take a wall in the school and design our own mural! We knew one thing it would definitely include - a wiener dog!

While Chloe and I were putting on our smocks, Anna, Jacob, Ashton, and Darren collected the paint. They chose UK blue and U of L red, along with so many other bright, bold, and shining colors. Every painter needs a good brush. Andie, Justin W., Megan, and Grant J. were in charge of the utensils. I think we were ready to begin.

Standing at the blank wall, ready to paint, Amber, Jenna, Grant L., Whitney, and Austin began to sketch the outline of the wiener dog. They needed a live model. Chloe and I were happy to oblige. Bubba, Alexis, Stacey, Teressa, Chase, and Ms. Susan helped Chloe and me stand in place. Ms. Burrows, Jordan, Keona, Justin S., and Jessie began to put the first coat on the wall. Though we still had lots of work ahead, it was already beginning to look fabulous!

I wish I could tell you all about the finished product, but we are late for our next class. I sure hope that is lunch because this little wiener dog is starving. I will catch up later. In the meantime, Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!



Ms. Hall and the Howling Hot Dogs

"The sun shines bright on My Old Kentucky Home..."

Hi Friends! Wish you could hear us howl - or sing! This morning, Chloe and I were able to attend music class with Ms. Hall and her students. While in music, we decided to sing our favorite song - no, not "Who Let The Dogs Out", but "My Old Kentucky Home". Ms. Hall, Chloe, and I were a trio. Actually, we were Ms. Hall's back-up singers! She had the loveliest voice. While singing, several classmates added their talents. Tristen played the Kentucky dulcimer, Megan played a mean banjo, while Lonnie burned up that ol' fiddle. Natasha, Maddie, Kyle, Krystal, and Austin square danced. You should have seen them do-si-doe! We couldn't do it all by ourselves though. We needed Hope, Bubby, Brooke, and Cody W. to be our conductors. They kept us right on key! It didn't take us long to realize we needed some more instruments. Blake, Brandi, Karena, Aaron, and Cody B. kept the rhythm with the bongos, the xylophone, and the clanging cymbals. Jonathan, Bradley, and Chris covered their ears and laughed out loud!!!

I better run for now. I have to go to another class and besides the phone is ringing. I think it is Nashville, TN calling to ask Ms. Hall to come to Music City and record a CD!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!



Thursday, November 10, 2005

More TAILS from Hardinsburg...

Day two from Hardinisburg - another fantastic day! We haven't had hot dogs for lunch and Woody hasn't had an accident in the classroom!

Hi Friends! This is Chloe. We arrived home late tonight after a full day at Hardinsburg. Woody was worn out. Daddy carried him in and put him straight to bed. I knew how much Woody was looking forward to writing his blog, so I decided to write it for him.

Today was spent with the students in Ms. Burrows and Ms. Hall's class. It has been so exciting talking to the fourth graders about writing. It is also thrilling to hear their comments about the "Tails from the Bluegrass" series. Ms. Hall's class is charting our journey on their Kentucky map. If you look closely, you can see it in the background.

The highlight for some of the students is when they have Woody's pawprint stamped on their face! Ms. Burrows even put one on her cheek! Doesn't it look pretty?

Tomorrow the classes will be helping us blog. Be sure to check back and see what they have said! As usual, we have a busy day tomorrow. Therefore, it is time for bed! Besides, Woody is snoring so loudly that I can hardly think! Have a great night. In the words of my brother, "Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!"



Wednesday, November 09, 2005

School days

A great big HotDiggetyDog hello! Hope you are having a wonderful week. Chloe and I sure are! This week we are with our fourth grade friends at Hardinsburg Elementary. We met them last year on one of our visits and they were kind enough to invite us back. This time we are spending three whole days with the fourth grade talking about writing! Chloe and I are minding our manners and being respectful. I am trying real hard not to have an accident in the fourth grade class like I did last week at Jenkins. It really was an accident and I was very ashamed. Enough about that! Anyway, here are two pictures. The first photo is with our friends in Ms. Hagman's class. They were holding up their "Tails" scrapbooks to show us how much they are enjoying the stories. The second is of some friends in Ms. Lucas's room. They were working on writing a letter to me explaining why I should write about Hardinsburg in the "Tails" series. It was a wonderful day! While Mommy was talking, Chloe and I were pretending how much fun it would be if we were teachers. Actually, I was pretending I was the principal and Chloe was the teacher! It was nice dreaming, then Dad said Mom needed our help. Back to earth!

I better go to bed. Tomorrow we will be with the students of Ms. Hall and Ms. Burrows. We can't wait. We will post some photos with those students tomorrow. Keep your eyes open! Also, the fourth graders told me they would help me write this BLOG all week. It will be nice having some help!

Daddy is getting ready to read us a bedtime story! Talk to you tomorrow. Sweet dreams! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Happy November!

Hey Gang! I can't believe it is already November! Where did the time on my Scooby watch go? I had several emails this past week that said, "Woody, where are you? You haven't blogged lately?" Well, we have been busy little hot dogs! Where should I begin?

We kicked off the month of November in Letcher County (a brand new county for us) with the students at the Burdine and McRoberts campuses of Jenkins Elementary. This was one of the most exciting weeks! First of all, we were able to be with Jan and Harvey Tackett. We met them a few years ago and instantly became friends. They have three dogs - two of them being wiener dogs. We knew they were great people! Anyway, while we weren't enjoying our time with the students at Jenkins, Mrs. Tackett was being our tour guide. She took us all around Letcher County. We saw the most beautiful mountains. It was gorgeous with all the leaves changing colors. At one point we saw the sign that said, "Welcome to Virginia!" Oh no! We had driven so far that we were in Virgina. Mom told us that Letcher County bordered Virginia. We also met lots of people in the town who keep up with the "TAILS" series through their paper, The News Press. I could talk all day about our visit. We will put some photos up soon!

Letcher County wasn't the only county in Eastern KY we visited last week. We also spent a day at the Pikeville Public Library. There were 101 pre-school children in our first session. There were kids everywhere! Needless to say, Chloe and I had lots of loving that day! While in Pikeville, we saw the 99 steps to the college. This time, since I wasn't in the doghouse, I tried climbing them. I only made it up about, oh, ten. Oh well, at least I tried!

Friday was spent in Maysville with the students at Jones and Straub Elementary. They were excited to meet us and to have their scrapbooks signed. That afternoon, we went to their newspaper office, The Ledger Independent to meet the folks of the community. Ms. Ginny Butler was a great hostess. She even had dog bone cookies!!!

Though we were finished with our work week, it wasn't time to go home yet. We had to go Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington to root for our CATS! We came in second place! (Dad says you never lose, you just come in second!) We had a great time just the same. Here is a photo of some of our friends at the game! Notice how we have on our blue!

Be sure to check the site in a few days to see some of the new photos from this past week!

Whew! Chloe and I have to go to bed now. Just thinking of our busy week makes me dog tired! I will blog again soon! In the meantime, Work and Dream Like A BIG DOG!