Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sleighbells ring...

Chloe and I just love the Christmas season. We love singing carols. We kicked off our Christmas season with a parade! This past Thursday, Mom, Dad, Chloe, and I were in the Bardstown Holiday Parade and guess who was asked to be the Grand Marshal of the festivities? That's right, (sniff, sniff), me! It was too fun. The four of us rode in a really cool (and I mean cool) convertible! It was misting rain and windy. Convertibles are nice, but I don't think they were designed for winter! Oh well, it was an exciting night, no matter what the temperature. Besides, Mom had dressed us in our warmest sweaters and hats!

We are off to Northern Kentucky for a school visit. I better help Chloe pack her suitcase. I will post pictures in a few days! Have a great week, stay warm, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!

...a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, Walking in a Winter Wonderland!!!