Friday, November 11, 2005

On the playground with Ms. Lucas's gang!

Hi Friends! The game of basketball was a huge success! We were exhausted! In fact, Woody was too doggone tired to type. Once again, being the big sister, I am helping Woody out!

After P.E., Woody and I spent the afternoon with the students in Ms. Lucas's class. Since it was such an unusually warm November day, we decided to spend it outside! J.T., Dylan, and Savannah lunged for the swings while Josh S.,Alex, and Elizabeth dangled from the monkey bars. If you are wondering where Paul, Lee, Lily, Madalyn, and Willie were, well they were playing a game of tag. Boy could Madalyn run fast for a girl!!! Craig, Jeremy, Olivia, Jill, Travis, and Jonathan decided they would have a snack. Since their lunch pails were empty, I decided to share my Scooby snacks. They thought they were doglicious! Jacob, Hunter, Heather, and Josh C. were being top notch students and reading their favorite book, "A Penny's Worth of Character". While everyone was playing, Woody and I helped Ms. Lucas grade the spelling tests. Boy, fourth graders can spell some difficult words like Mississippi. I never knew that state had so many letters!

It is time to go. In fact, the buses are pulling in the parking lot. Woody and I have to pack our backpacks and say goodbye. We will miss everyone! It has been such a wonderful week.

In the words of my brother, "Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!"