Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CSI: Canine Secret Investigator Chapter 4

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! If you are keeping up with CSI, at the end of Chapter 4 I saw something flying through the air. I was quite the scaredy cat! I asked readers to email me and give me their predictions on what I could have seen. Take a look at all the answers:

We think the object is a flying saucer since Roswell is known for flying saucers in the past.

Ms. Gregory’s 5th Graders at Monticello Elementary


We think that Woody saw a Hot Air balloon at the end of chapter 4.

Your third grade friends from Picadome.


My class had a few ideas...

1. Sky

2. Birds

3. Wings of the airplane

4. Helicopter

5. Turkey Vulture

6. Hawk or an eagle

7. Army jet

8. A different plane

9. Someone sky diving with a jet pack!

10. Someone with a parachute??

Staci R. Rish
4th Grade Teacher
Meadowthorpe Elementary


Here were some answers from several students in Fayette County:

I think the object is a smaller plane guiding the plane into the runway. I am also very happy that my answer for the time zones was right! :) – Christopher

I think the thing in the sky was another airplane. – Joseph

Maybe it was a piece of luggage? – Andrew

I think it was a bird. A bird might not be strange but they can go up to 37,900 feet alttitude. – Anna

Hey woody I think the thing you saw flying was another airplane because an airport is where airplanes land and take of so it might have been a really close plane so it might of scared you. It could have looked like it was about to crash into you so you panicked. - Amaya

I think it was either a U.F.O or a bird. – Joshua


Mrs Michelle Lentz' fifth grade reading classes at Holiday School had the following comments when asked "What do you think Woody saw"?

I think Woody saw a helicopter pass by the plane. Mollie Grace

A spaceship was flying in the air. Zachary

A space shuttle. Vance

Birds flying together. Kalaysia

I think Woody saw a jet or helicopter flying through the air. Sydney

I think Woody saw a spaceship or another plain. Morgan

A bird flying in the sky or an unidentified flying object. Jalen

Spaceship. Emilee

A jet plane. Ke'ala

I think it was a bird. Edward Lee

I think Woody saw maybe another airplane or somebody parachuting out of a plane. Abigail

A bird. Zack

A spaceship is what I think he saw. LaQuire

I think Woody saw a flag waving and he thought it was something flying in the air. Bailey

Jet plane. Deavion

I think Woody saw another plane or the wing of the plane. Logan

I think it could be a jet, helicopter, or another plane... Gracie

I think Woody saw a bird, or another plane. MacKenzie

I think Woody saw an airplane. Sincerely, Asyah

Woody saw a building but he must have thought it was moving with him. A'nya

I think it was another airplane taking off or the airport going past them as they were landing. Ethan

I think what was in the sky was a jet. Kassidy

Mrs Lentz' Fifth Grade Reading Class
Holiday Elementary School, Hopkinsville

We love hearing from you! Keep those emails coming and keep reading CSI!

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Bonfires, Wiener Roasts, and Girls - Oh My!

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Several weeks ago, Mom and I were invited to speak at a Bonfire Wiener Roast. Imagine my fright when I learned there was going to be an open fire with hot dogs, buns, mustard, and ketchup! Mom assured me it would all be fine! She explained that it was an event hosted by our church, Okolona Christian. I breathed a sigh of relief - and then Mom dropped another bomb. She explained it was an event for ladies and girls and that I would be the only boy in attendance. Gulp! This was not the news I was expecting, but I always trust Mom and Dad. As promised, it was a great night. The campfire was lots of fun, there was music, and the s'mores were doglicious! The best part was all the hugs and kisses I received from all the girls. My heart went pitter patter quite a few times!

I better skeedaddle! I have so much work to do today!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Precious Papaw

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Many of you sent emails asking where Chloe and I were from September 25th to October 3rd. One emailer wanted to know if we had been captured by a flying saucer while we were in Roswell. Thankfully, we were not!

On September 25th, our Papaw (Dad's dad) had a stroke. We didn't know what a stroke was, but Mom said it was when the blood doesn't get to the brain. The ambulance picked up Papaw at his house and took him to the hospital where the doctors and nurses took great care of him. Six days later, Papaw went to Heaven. Mom and Dad were with Papaw and got to hold his hand. The interesting thing was that we were getting ready to throw Papaw a huge 90th birthday party, but he passed away 3 days before his birthday. We had a different kind of party - a celebration of his life. The church was packed with his family and friends - and true to Papaw there was lots of laughter. Mom even spoke at the funeral. She said it was a huge honor! Papaw served in the Army during WWII. (He had a military funeral with TAPS and a 21 gun salute.) He was a master trim carpenter, loved God, his family - especially Mamaw - his wife of 70 years, fried chicken, and checkers - and believe me, he was the King of Checkers!

A great big thanks to all of you who knew about Papaw and sent cards, letters, and emails. Also, a huge thanks to our "NANA Diane" and Gussie Lee and Sadie. They came and stayed with us for 9 days to help take care of us while Mom and Dad were with Papaw, Mamaw, and the rest of the family.

Chloe and I are carrying on Papaw's legacy by being the best checker player we can be!

We love you, Papaw!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


CSI: Canine Secret Investigator

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Here are more comments from Chapters 1 and 2 of CSI! We love reading your mail so keep those cards and letters coming!

Mrs. Stamper's class thinks that the ROW in the story stands for the row that the person will be sitting in on the plane.

We think that Chloe was taken away because she set off the metal detector and the airport security wanted to make sure that she didn't have any weapons. We think that she WILL make it back in time for the flight because after the police check her bag and see that she doesn't have any weapons they will send her back to her family.

Jamie Stamper
Cluster Leader
4th Grade Teacher
Meadowthorpe Elementary School

I think it stands for what plane they will be taking and what seats they will be sitting in.



Mrs Lentz' 5th Grade reading classes from her homeroom and Mrs Molly Campbell's homeroom had these comments on Chapter Two:

Dear Woody, I think they took Chloe away because her collar triggered the alarm or maybe it was your harmonica. I think they took her to an office to talk to her. MacKenzie

They took her to a room to ask her all about the items she put in her bag. Sydney A.

I think the officers pulled Chloe away because she is a dog and she has to be in a kennel. Abigail

Woody, I think your identification would be your tag on your neck because it has your name and where you live. Sydney C.

I think Woody went shopping in the airport and bought a new dog collar. Logan

I think Woody bought a soft pillow and a blanket at the airport. Ethan

Woody had no metal in his bag but his harmonica was in Chloe's bag and that's why Chloe got caught. Jalen

I think he bought a pillow, glasses, and oars for the boat. What does SDF-ROW mean. Deovion

I think Woody would have bought a mug. Edward Lee

I think he bought a detective book. Shane

Woody would have bought candy from the airport store because he's funny and he talks like he wants some candy. Kalaysia

I think they took Chloe because her collar had a metal tag on it. Bailey

I think they are taking Chloe on into the plane. Tyler B.

They took her to see if there is anything bad in the collar on her. Cody

I think they took Chloe to the line for her plane because her parents were waiting for her. Ashley

They took Chloe on into the airport so they could all get on the plane. Avery

I predict that they took Chloe to the airport jail because when she went through the security point the alarm sounded. Alex

I think they took Chloe to jail or put her in a cage because she did not take her collar off and the monitor went off. Angel

They took Chloe to the outside of the airport because they thought she had something like a sharp knife or prohibited item. K.T.

I think the security guards took Chloe to a place where they take people if the alarm goes off. Catherine

Because Chloe set off the alarm with her collar. Tyler H.

They took her to a private room so they can ask her questions and see if she has any weapons. Ra'Lexus

They took Chloe to their office because she had something sharp in her bag. McKenna

They took Chloe away because of the alarm and how she kept on walking. So they just picked her up and left. Larissa

I predict: They took Chloe away because she had her collar on and they thought she had something metal. Madison

I think they took Chloe away because they thought that she had a weapon. Taylor

Chloe had a collar that was metal and it activated the alarm which caused the security guards to come. Braden

They took Chloe away because of her collar. Morgan D.

I think Chloe got taken by the TSA and her mom and dad had to go get her from the TSA. Megan

They took her to check for sharp items that could hurt people. Katie

I think that they took Chloe away because she tried to hide something in her fur. Emily A.

They took Chloe to s security room and asked her some questions. Mary Ann

Because Chloe got into trouble because of the harmonica and plus they had to catch a plane. CeCe

I think that Chloe got on the airplane and then she went to a different place. Tyree

I think the cops whisked her away because she went through the metal detector and it went off. Brandon A.

I think Woody bought a mug from the airport. Ke'ala

I think Chloe got taken away because she had a bone phone that connects to the internet. (no name)


I better scoot! Barney the Basset Hound is digging and Chloe and I are still trying to figure out why! Interesting, very interesting...

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