Monday, January 26, 2009

Prizes, For Me?

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Well you know what the say about New Year's resolutions? They are hard to keep! I had made two resolutions. I was going to keep my desk clean and organized and I was going to write in my diary more. Well let's just say that I am doing better about writing in my diary than I am about my messy desk. In fact, I just found a stash of Scooby snacks underneath my pile of papers!

We have been busy lately, but not really in the schools. The snow has kept us out of school lately. Our schools were cancelled last week due to snow and this week it looks like a major snowstorm is headed our way. We have plenty of dog food in the cabinet and our sleds are ready and waiting! The good news is that we have make up dates scheduled for all the schools we have missed. It looks like we may all be going to school this summer!

Remember how I told you we received a big literacy award from the World Association of Newspapers? Well I wanted to show you some pictures of it. The first picture is of Mom and me looking at the award. Isn't it beautiful? It was made from our very own newspaper articles! Of course, the second picture is of Mom, Dad, and me. The third picture is of James Asher, our illustrator; Kriss Johnson with KPA (we call her Aunt Kriss); and Cliff Feltham with Kentucky Utilities. KU and LGE are two of the big reasons our stories can appear in the newspaper! (If you were wondering where Chloe was, she was snapping the photo.)

If that award wasn't enough, this past Friday, we were awarded the Kentucky Press Association's Russ Metz Most Valuable Member award. The fourth picture is of Mom and Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear. We were so excited and so honored!!! We hung the award in a very special place and Chloe and I look at it every single day! Who would have thought that just an ordinary country boy like me could accomplish something like that??? It proves what Dad says, "Anything is possible but you have to Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!"

Check out

I better go for now. Mom says we need to run some errands before the roads get too bad. We need to go to the library to get plenty of books to read and the grocery store for some more milk and bread! I may need a few more Scooby snacks. I guess I should look under some more piles of paper first! Actually, Mom just told me we weren't going anywhere until I cleaned up my mess!

Have a great day! Stay warm and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

An UGLY Dachshund???

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! It is Saturday morning and we just returned from our morning walk. It was much shorter this morning since it is raining cats and wiener dogs. We had to wear our rain slickers and rubber boots! We were sloshing water everywhere! We love Saturday mornings. After we finish our chores, we have the opportunity to play. Sometimes we play checkers, go to the library, or watch a movie. Today, our very favorite movie is coming on the Hallmark Channel. It is The Ugly Dachshund. I know, the title is very confusing. I mean, who has ever seen an ugly dachshund??? It may be a confusing title, but the movie is our favorite. It even features a dachshund named Chloe.

Speaking of pets, Mom and Dad are watching the news and the anchor is interviewing a man who has 180 cats living in his house! He helps rescue them and find homes for the cats. Frannie the Bodyguard and Wallie the puppy are both from rescue organizations. If you need a new pet, check out a rescue group!

We had a great week! We kicked off the 2009 Woody Tour in Montgomery County at Mt. Sterling Elementary! It was a big school - over 700 students! Even though it was large, it felt really small. Everyone made us feel like family! Mrs. Wendy Rogers, the media specialist, planned the perfect day - and boy did it fly by! You know the old saying about time flying when you are having fun!

We hope your day is fun! Chloe, Frannie, and Wally are settling down in front of the t.v. so I better go. The movie is getting ready to begin. We have seen it hundreds of times but that doesn't matter. It makes me giggle everytime - especially when the doxies make a big mess with all the yarn! They can get in lots of trouble!!! Just think, if that man has 180 cats in the house, Mom and Dad could get 176 more wiener dogs! Now THAT would be fun!!!

Have a great day! Stay dry, stay out of trouble, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A New Year

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Breathe in, breathe out! Breathe in, breathe out! I think I am finally caught up! You should have seen my desk. It was covered in cards, letters, research for the new story Mom and I are working on, my favorite coloring books, the list goes on and on... Mom said I had to get things cleaned up. "It's a new year, Woody. It's time to start fresh so CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!" So, I cleaned up my mess and feel nice and organized!

Our family has been off for Christmas break. We had a great time. We slept a little later than usual, played more checkers, took more walks, and took advantage of our vacation. We also went to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl. Our Kentucky Wildcats played the Pirates of East Carolina University! Guess what? We won! Chloe, Frannie, Wally the puppy, and I stayed in the Woody Bus during the game but we listened to every play and cheered them on! (You should hear Chloe being our head cheerleader!) Our cousins Caroline and Patrick were at the game too. Dad took a photo of Mom, Caroline, and Patrick. Look at all that blue!

I also included a photo of President Lincoln and me. This was from the 2008 Kentucky Book Fair. (Ran across it when I was cleaning!) Thought you might enjoy!

We are loading the Woody Bus getting ready for our trip to Mt. Sterling Elementary. We have our warm clothes packed. We can't wait to get back in the schools tomorrow!!!

Everyone has asked if I have any resolutions for the new year. For one, I am going to get back to regular blogging. I had been a slacker! Oh, and I am going to stop being so messy. No more crumbs everywhere when I am eating, no more messy desks, no more toys all over the room. I am going to be Woody the Clean and Organized Kentucky Wiener!!!

Have a great day! Stay tuned, stay organized, stay warm, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!