Monday, June 11, 2012

My Very Own Library Card

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Chloe, Frannie, Wally, CeeCee, Rudy, and of course Mom, Dad, and I have had the busiest summer already! Last week found us in Lancaster, Wiiliamstown, Lexington, and Booneville. This week will be busy too - but we will be close to our doghouse in Shepherdsville. We will be spending Tuesday through Friday at a different branch of the Bullitt County Public Library. Here is the schedule:

Tuesday - Lebanon Junction Library 10:00 and 1:30

Wednesday - Hillview Library 10:00 and 1:30

Thursday - Ridgway Library in Shepherdsville 10:00 and 1:30

Friday - Mt. Washington Library 10:00 and 1:30

Come see us! We will have a blast!

Here is a picture of Ms. Cheryl Clemons, the librarian at Grant County Public Library, presenting me with my very own library card! Can you believe that? MY OWN LIBRARY CARD! That means I can check out books in Grant County! I was so excited! My Scooby Doo wallet is getting fat with all my library cards!

I better say goodnight. It is time for a bedtime snack, bedtime story, bedtime prayers, then bedtime. Busy day tomorrow and busy week! Can't wait to see you! In the meantime, Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!