Wednesday, December 07, 2011

And... Chapter 10

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! If you've been following Doghouse Divided, you know it ended a few weeks ago! Our faithful followers from Simmons Elementary in Woodyford County, KY emailed us every week during the course of the story. Chloe, the entire Gang, and I can't wait to visit them next week! Anyway, we wanted to share with you their comments from Chapter 10 and answer some questions they had. Before we get to that, I have a question for you! If you look closely at the illustration of Chapter 10, you will notice it isn't the same illustration that "made the cut" - that's business talk that means "the final one that was approved." So, if you look at the original and look at the one on the blog, can you tell the difference? How many differences are there?

While you're looking, I'll post the comments:

Dear Woody,

We are SO excited about your upcoming visit!! We have a countdown on the board and it is just around the corner. We can't wait to meet you, Chloe, and the gang. We are planning a special surprise, along with Mrs. Hisle's class, for you!

We were excited, and a little sad, to finish Doghouse Divided. We are glad everything worked out with the drumset and being able to play with the band. It seems like Chloe had a great time too! Hopefully this experience has taught you to calm down and not jump to so many conclusions before getting the facts. It's okay though, we do it all the time ourselves!

We still have a couple questions after finishing the book.

1. Since the 'Brother Against Brother' room at the library is finished, do you and Chloe still work there?

2. Will you continue to play with The Barkstreet Boys?

Ms. Logan is going to check out some of your other books from the library so we can read more of your adventures. We are looking forward to that!

We will see you soon!


Ms. Logan's Reading Class

Mindy Logan
3rd Grade Teacher
Simmons Elementary

A surprise? For me? Wow! I can't wait! Yes, Chloe and I still work at the library, but not every day. We go in a few hours a week and help out with any projects Ms. Grant needs us to do. And yes, I'm still playing drums with The Barkstreet Band and Chloe is still singing. Her voice is pretty! You should hear her sing, "Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog!"

Dear Woody,

We finished reading "Doghouse Divided" today, and we loved it! From your story, we learned that the North and the South had a fight over slavery the fact that the Southern states wanted to create their own country. We are so glad the North won, slavery ended, and we're still one country today. We also learned the word "reenact" and we would love to see one someday.

We were relieved to learn that you earned enough money to pay off your broken window - Bet mom was happy too! Do you still have your drums? Are you still playing with the band?

Our class can't WAIT to meet you in a couple of weeks. We all screamed when Mrs. Hisle told us you and your mom are coming! We're still saving up money for the Woodford County Humane Society, so we'll let you know how much we raised when we see you. Are you bringing Chloe with you? Is this rest of your family coming to Woodyford County?

We hope you are staying warm in this cold weather? We were wondering - what do you like to do when it snows? Do you make snowdogs and paw prints in the snow? Can't wait to hear back from you!

Be careful on the drive to Versailles. You never know, it could be snowing!


Mrs. Hisle's 3rd grade reading class

Megan Hisle
3rd grade teacher
Simmons Elementary

We can't wait until our visit either! We are counting the days! Yes, we are still with the band. In fact, we have band practice later today. It's funny you mention snow. It's snowing here today. When it snows, we go outside for a short walk, build snowdogs, make snowdog angels, throw snowballs at each other, and run as fast as we can without falling down! Then we come in and warm up in front of our fireplace with a warm glass of milk and try to go from chilly dogs to hot dogs! It hits the spot and makes us sleepy! We also play checkers, read books, do our chores, and take cat naps! Speaking of, I better skeedaddle! Chloe just put on her sweater and scarf which means it's time to go outside.

Have a great day and stay warm! Don't forget to Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Monday, December 05, 2011

Doghouse Divided Chapter 9

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Our rain boots and rain coats are at the door! We are only going out for bathroom breaks. We are having inside recess today. We are playing Checkers, Connect Four, Memory, and of course reading lots of books. I have a stack of Curious George right beside me!

We are counting down the days until we can visit Simmons Elementary. Here are the fantastically, terRUFFic comments from our friends in WOODYford County!

Hi Woody!

We are so relieved that you found your drumset. Also, we are glad you didn't call the police since there wasn't really an emergency. Like you, we are wondering why your drums are in that garage. It seems like there are also a lot of items from the Civil War in the garage. At least your mom and dad know why they are there.

The battles that occurred in Lexington and Frankfort are both close to Versailles. One person in our class actually lives in Frankfort. Our teacher is looking for an atlas of Kentucky so we can find the sites of the other battles that occurred in our state.

We hope that the problem with the band is not serious. We are thinking that the problem is someone dropped out of the band or is hurt and won't be able to perform. A solution to these problems is that Chloe could fill in and be a member of the band as well. We think she would enjoy that!

We would be very excited if you were able to come visit our school. We would love to meet you! Hopefully that will be able to happen. We are very much looking forward to chapter 10 to find out how the story ends. We always listen to your stories on Wednesdays. Next week we will not be able to listen because we will be out of school for Thanksgiving. That means we have to wait two whole weeks to find out what happens!

We will email you as soon as we complete the book. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't eat too much!


Ms. Logan's 3rd Grade Reading Class

Whoowee!!! Just remembering Thanksgiving makes my tummy growl! And here are the comments from our friends in Ms. Hisle's class:

Dear Woody,

What an exciting chapter! We loved hearing about you using your detective skills. If we had a detective kit, we would want a magnifying glass to inspect small things, a blacklight, and a notepad with a pen for recording our clues.

We researched the 11 battle sites in Kentucky and this is what we found:
Camp Wild Cat
Ivy Mountain
Middle Creek
Mill Springs
Rowlett's Station

We think that the big problem Bark and Woody have is that one of the band member is sick and can't play. We also think that maybe Bark is coming to tell you that you're spending too much time at the library and not enought time with the band. Uh oh!

Thanks so much for sending the picture. Woody, you are SO HANDSOME! We think you are terRUFic!

Megan Hisle
3rd grade teacher
Simmons Elementary

A blacklight? I had to ask Mom what a blacklight was. I'm going to ask Santa for a blacklight for Christmas. I hope it's not too late! And did you say I was handsome??? Oh wow! I don't know what to say! Thank you very much. I bet all of you are handsome and pretty too. We can't wait to meet you!

Stay dry and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Friday, December 02, 2011

Chapters 6, 7, and 8 OH MY!

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! All of the Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten, our Charlie Brown Christmas tree decorated with our favorite wiener dog ornaments is on the mantle, we're checking off our list for Santa Paws, and we're making sure we are on our most terRUFFic behavior! Add that to my library job, band practice, school visits, and regular chores, and sometimes it doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day. No worries - Chloe and I still have plenty of time to play and rest. You know the ol' saying, "All work and no play makes Woody a dull dog!"

Chloe and I had the most fantastic surprise last week! We found out that on Thursday, December 15th, we will be spending the day at Simmons Elementary. We are FINALLY going to meet Ms. Logan, Ms. Hisle, and all our faithful friends who have emailed us during Doghouse Divided.

As usual, I'm a weenie bit behind in posting their emails so I thought I would post 3 chapters this time. We love opening our mailbox on the computer and seeing the name Ms. Hisle and Ms. Logan! We have heard from many of our blog readers that you love reading their comments too. Well you are going to enjoy a triple dose today! Are you ready? Are you set? Here we go:

Chapter 6:

Hi Woody!!

We agree with your mom, you shouldn't jump to conclusions! We thought she may want something simple like you and Chloe running an errand. :) We bet you are relieved that it didn't have to do with the drumset...or the broken window. Is it fixed yet?

Our school library has a great book about Abraham Lincoln. We are going to check it out the next time we visit the library. We are sure it will have information about him being called 'Honest Abe' and the Civil War.

Your mom is right - just because something doesn't directly affect us doesn't mean we let it happen. Lots of students in our class have taken a stand against something. We all take a stand against bullying and stand up when people are being teased, even if we don't know the person. One student took a stand against people using bad language and other have taken a stand against animal abuse. We are sure you wouldn't sit back and let that happen!

Most of us think Bark is one of your and Chloe's dog friends who is coming over to ask them to play. A few think Bark may be a neighborhood bully or a dog who is going to give Woody drum lessons. One student thinks Bark may be a friend of yours who is a cat! Bark would be a funny name for a cat!

We hope to hear from you soon and are looking forward to chapter 7!


Ms. Logan's 3rd Grade Reading Class
Simmons Elementary


Dear Woody,

We're so glad mom wasn't calling to ask you to sell your drums! What a relief! We predict Bark is your friend (who is a dog) that lives down the street. We think Bark may have come over to play with your drum set. Does Bark also have a drum set? Maybe you two could start a band together!

We are enjoying learning about the Civil War. We're learning lots of new things and we think it's awful that slavery existed. We never knew that people traded other people!

We can't wait to hear Chapter 7.

Megan Hisle
3rd grade teacher
Simmons Elementary

Chapter 7:

Hi Woody!

We are so excited about your opportunity to play in a band! That is going to be so much fun! We can't wait to read about your experience!! We think the perfect song for The Barkstreet Boys to play is Who Let the Dogs Out? We would love to hear that.

We are learning so much about the Civil War. We knew Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky but didn't know that Jefferson Davis was. We looked up Fairview and Hodgenville on the map. You would need to travel southwest to get from Fairview to Hodgenville. What city do you live in?

We think volunteering is so important and a way to be a good citizen. Some things that you and Chloe could do are pick up trash, plant trees, and grow a garden. We bet you like to dig so a garden would be so fun for you! You could give the vegetables to people in your community.

We are looking forward to chapter 8.


Ms. Logan's 3rd Grade Reading Class
Simmons Elementary

By the way, I was born in the city of Paducah, but I live in the city of Shepherdsville! I don't know what happened to the email Ms. Hisle's class sent regarding Chapter 7. Our cat Dolly must have been chasing the mouse again and deleted it!

and Chapter 8:

Hi Woody!

We were excited to hear from you! We understand about being busy, we get that way too sometimes. You sound like one busy dog! We're sure you get excited to crawl into your doggie bed every night.

Table manners are very important. We don't like eating lunch at a table where people have bad manners. We thought of some suggestions of how you and Chloe can improve your table manners.

1. Don't talk with your mouth full - Chew and swallow before you speak.

2. Don't talk about disgusting things - make sure the topics will not make anyone sick, or spit their food out!

3. Be polite

4. Take small bites - don't stuff your mouth full.

We are so worried about your drums! While we realize you panicked when they were not in the living room, we don't think you needed to call the police. We are thinking that your mom and dad may have placed them in the garage, the attic, or on the patio. Maybe they were getting in the way. Or, we are thinking that Bark came and took them for the band. We really hope you find them and nothing serious has happened to them. The best thing you can do is ask your mom and dad if they moved them.

We look forward to hearing from you and listening to chapter 9!


Ms. Logan's 3rd Grade Reading Class
Simmons Elementary

Thanks! These are great suggestions on how to improve my table manners. I'm getting better. However, I got in a little bit of trouble at Thanksgiving for forgetting Rule #1 and Dad said, "Dogwood, we would hate to ask you to leave the table at Thanksgiving." I remembered your suggestions and didn't have any more problems!


Dear Woody,

We were so glad to hear back from you. We figured the library job was keeping you pretty busy. We just finished listening to chapter 8 of Doghouse Divided. We have some suggestions on how you and Chloe can improve your table manners. First off, you should always say "please" and "thank you". It's also VERY important to not speak with your mouth full -- no one wants to see your chewed up dog food - YUCK! :) Also, you shouldn't talk about eating rats at the dinner table. That might make people lose their appetite.

We also know five rivers in Kentucky:
1. Ohio River
2. Kentucky River
3. Dix River
4. Green River
5. Barren River

Woody, if you think you were robbed you should first call the police. If something has really been stolen, they need to know. We also think that you're drumset is missing. Maybe it isn't stolen, maybe Bark borrowed it or mom moved it to the garage (if you have one).

We can't wait to listen to Chapter 9! AND we would love to meet you in person (and dog) too!!

Megan Hisle
3rd grade teacher
Simmons Elementary

Wow! You guys know your Kentucky Rivers - and your manners too! I think I've got "please" and "thank you" mastered, but those table manners are still getting me from time to time. I never knew people didn't want to see my chewed up dog food. I think seeing any kind of food is exciting and I thought everyone else did too! Thanks for pointing out my mistake!

Well, it's 7:30 in the morning. That means it's time for our morning walk and then breakfast! I just saw Chloe prance through the house with her sweater on (we don't want to be chilly dogs) so I better skee-daddle! By the way, we will be speaking and signing books tomorrow at the Ridgway Memorial Public Library tomorrow here in our hometown of Shepherdsville. If you are anywhere in the area, come see us! The program starts at 1:00, I think! If I find out I told you the wrong time, I will post a correction after breakfast. I'm starving and I've got to, well, let's just say I must go outside for my morning walk. (I'm trying to remember not to talk about disgusting things like going to the bathroom!)

Have a great day, stay warm, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!