Monday, September 28, 2009

Laughing Out Loud

The 5th grade students in Mrs Lentz' reading classes were asked to "Tell Woody what you liked most about the story. Were there any parts that you thought were funny or made you laugh out loud?" Here are their comments:

I liked the part when Woody brought the electric blanket. Brittney

I thought it was funny when Woody said he brought an electric blanket and when he tried to bring pupsicles in his backpack.

The best part was when Woody's family sat there and stared at him. I laughed out loud when his pupsicles were melted in his bag. Karson.

I liked it when Woody said he wanted to bring an electric blanket but there was no electricity. Makenzie

I think the funniest part was when Woody packed stuff that would melt or had to have electricity, and when Mom said: An Electric Blanket! And screamed "PUPSICLES? "IN YOUR BACKPACK?" Derik

When Woody was wanting to take an electric blanket and he found out there isn't any electricity. Kiara

I loved the part when Woody said he has his pupsicles in the bag and his Dad pulls over and everyone stares at him. Talaisia

I laughed out loud about the electric blanket and dog face page. ha ha! I liked when you and Chloe had the competition to pack a bag of what you need, or want. Dylan

What I liked best was when Woody packed all the wrong things and the pupsicles melted and got everywhere in his backpack. And when Chloe laughed so hard. Cody

When Woody wanted to take an electric blanket and was saying things that would not work without electricity. McCaela

I liked the part when Woody's Mom opened up Woody's book bag and the popsicles were all melted. Madison

What I liked most in the story is when you all played games. I thought it was funny when you said you packed pupsicles. Jaxon

The funniest part was when Chloe started shaking because she was laughing so hard and trying to hold it in at the same time. Katie

My favorite part was when he told his family he had popsicles in his back pack. Michaela

When he thought they wanted the electric blanket he had. Wade

I liked when he put the pupsicles in his backpack. Woody should not have brought an electric blanket because there was no plug. B.J.

My favorite part about the story was when Woody said what was in his backpack. I LOL when Woody said about a "Dog Face". Annie

Because Woody wanted to bring an electric blanket and he has a Dog Face page. Jack

I thought the funniest part was him telling his parents about all the stuff that was in his back pack. Faith

I liked the part when Chloe was going through her backpack and proving that girls are smarter then boys. Claire

What I liked is Woody because of the way he thought there was electricity out there and the way he brought pupsicles and they melted. Hunter

I liked most about the story was when you said everybody looked at you and Dad pulled over. The funniest parts was when you said "No Dog Face Page" and about the pupsicles. Donnie

I liked the part where Woody asked to eat the melted pupsicles. Brandyn

I liked when they did the Alphabet Game and said something to match each letter. What made me laugh was when he thought he needed to eat. Steven

When they played the I spy game. The part that made me laugh was when you said "Electric Blanket"because when you were going camping, you couldn't plug in an electric blanket when you got to the camping place. Mary Catherine

I liked when Woody had packed the electric blanket. I laughed about the pupsicles. Cameron

What I liked most about the story was when Woody showed what was in his back pack and the pupsicles were melting. Kody

The part in the story I liked the most was when Woody had to empty out his back pack. He had some funny things inside it. Logan

What I like most about the story is when Chloe was laughing at Woody for what he brought camping. Sydney

The part I liked in the story the most is when Chloe won the first challenge and Woody failed. Dominique

The part I liked in the story was when Woody and Chloe were talking about what they packed in their back packs. The part that made me laugh was when they talked about Dog Face Page. Kaci

What I liked most of the story is when they did the Alphabet Game for everything they need for camping. A.J.

The part I liked in the story was when Woody dumped all his stuff out in the bus. I thought Woody would have packed different things like what Chloe packed, and I thought Chloe would pack what Woody packed. Well ... I was WRONG! Hannah

The thing that I liked the most was about the Dog Face Page. The thing that made me laugh out loud was that Woody and Chloe were in the survivor game. Hayden

What I liked in the story was how Woody packed things he didn't need and how Chloe packed everything she needed. But Woody said "I'm going to win this". What made me laugh was when he talked about updating his Dogface page. Emily

When Woody and Chloe played the Alphabet Game. Ryoya

Thanks for the comments! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


The Alphabet Game

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! We hope you are enjoying Dog Gone Wild. Each day, our inbox is filled with comments from readers. Chloe and I love waking up every morning and reading your emails. We even read them before we eat our breakfast!

In the activities for Chapter 2, we challenged everyone to play The Alphabet Game - trying to name items one would pack for a camping trip. Several classes played. Here are some emails:

Dear Woody,

We called out items that we would take on a picnic from A-Z in less than 3 minutes. (2 minutes and 27seconds to be exact!)

Mrs. Sylvia West
Trigg County Intermediate School
205 Main Street
Cadiz, Ky. 42211

Dear Woody,

Mrs. Hudgins’ 3rd graders did the Alphabet Game is 1 minute and 41 seconds.

Mrs. Hudgins
Burgin Elementary
Burgin, KY

Dear Woody,

Both of Mrs Lentz' 5th grade reading classes at Holiday School completed the Alphabet Game in under 3 minutes: One class did it in 2 min and 25 seconds and the other class completed it in 2 min and 47 seconds. Yeeeah!!!!!!!!! We had a lot of fun and really liked doing it.

Mrs Michelle Lentz
Holiday Elementary School

Congratulations to all the classes! Those times are fast! WOW! Check your school mailbox and keep those cards and letters coming!

Better scoot! It's time for breakfast. Today it's bacon, PUPtarts, and Orange Juice! YUM!

Be a survivor and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And the emails and the letters keep coming...

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! We just returned home last night from a terrific trip to Owsley County Elementary! I can't wait to show you photos and tell you all about it! But first, I wanted to post some more emails I received.

Dear Woody,

I think you will have clothes, food, and bug spary in your backpack.

I did a swimming competition, and I won a first place ribbon.


This was another email:

Dear Woody,

I have been in a spelling bee competition. It was when I was in second grade. I was the youngest and I was up against third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders and I won. My two winning words were wrinkle and enough. I felt proud of myself and my teacher was proud too. I won a medal and a trophy and a certificate.
Good luck with your stories. I hope you make more.

Your friend,

Crabbe Elementary

Payton also listed his backpack predictions:

Backpack prediction:
1. blanket
2. bone
3. chew toy
4. flea collar
5. frisbee

It is so exciting opening my inbox and seeing all the emails! We love reading each one, so keep 'em coming!

I better scoot! We are packing up again - this time for a trip to Sutton Elementary in Owensboro, KY.

Be a survivor and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Monday, September 21, 2009

More Predictions!

Kentucky Greetings WoodyWatchers!
We are getting ready to go on the road, but I couldn't leave without sharing the latest predictions for Chapter 2 of Dog Gone Wild!

First, here are the questions:
1. If you were going camping and could only take 5 things, what would they be?

2. What do you predict that Woody will pack in his backpack to take camping?

3. Woody is looking forward to the competition. Have you ever been in a competition? If so, tell what happened.

Here are the answers from Ms. Hudgins class:

What we think Woody will bring in his backpack.

James- his WOOF system
Jordan-teddy bear
Millie-water bottle
Cameron-dog bowl

All very good ideas! And yes, the "Woof system" is the same as a Wii.

Ms. Lentz' class had the following answers:

Five things I would take on a camping trip are clothes, medicine, a phone, four wheeler, and a friend. Makenzie

I think Woody would take clothes, one game, things for personal hygiene, and at least things to do. Also 2 or 3 pair of shoes. Talaisia

I was in a competition and it was in basketball. We won by 2 points. Derik

If I were going camping, I would bring these 5 things: a rope, clothes, blanket, food and water, and sunscreen. I was in a competition: When I was 8 yrs old, I was playing soft ball. I predict that Woody will win the competition. Faith

I think Woody will pack these following items in his backpack: dog food, bones, water, his little dog clothes, toys, dog collar, dog house, and a dog chain. Kiara

Yes, I have been in a competition with my cousin to see who could be quiet the longest. We called the game "quiet mouse". Donnie

I think Woody will bring a dog treat, a bed, light, lighter, knife. Jack

The 5 things I would take camping: food, blanket, pillow, tent, extra food.

I think Woody would take some food, a blanket, and some clothes. B.J.

The 5 things I would take camping: food and snacks, camera, cell phone, walkie talkie, extra shoes. Takoyia M.

Yes, I have been in a competition: Me and my friends played like we had to survive and if you could not do it, you would blow a whistle. Koby

The five things I would take camping: tent, water, food, sleeping bag, and bug spray. Hannah

I think Woody would take his small bed, his lease and his dog food and water. I would take my clothes, shoes, swim suit, DVD player and a fishing pole. Michaela

Yes I have been in a cheer leading competition. I went out there and did a cheer in front of a lot of people. Then I got off of the stage and then they called us back for trophies. Mary Catherine

I would take: food, bugspray, tent, water, and backpack (with blanket, pillow, and extra food in it). A.J.

I predict that Woody will take: food, water, food bowl/water bowl and blanket. Emma

I would take a tent, food, water, blanket, and bug spray. Lataviya

The five things I would take camping: blankets, pillow, marshmallows, bug spray, ticks of my own (for the marshmallows). Kirsten

I predict Woody will take his Woof video game system, a life jacket, candy, and a fishing pole. Cameron

The five things I would take camping are: tent, sleeping bag, food, water, fire pit. Dominique

I predict Woody will take a rope, blankets, food, and water when he goes camping. Brandyn

The 5 things I would take camping are: Water bottle, tent, sleeping bag, food, and bug spray. Logan

Yes, I have been in a competition: I played in a soccer game at the YMCA. But we lost. Jessie

The 5 things I would take camping are: snacks, rope (50 foot), matches, pocket knife, shelter. Hunter

Yes, I have been in a cheerleading competition. I cheered for MLK (Martin Luther King School). Kedna K.

The 5 things I would pack to take are a D.S. to play, a change of clothes, something to eat, 2 bikes.

These are all great predictions. You will find out for sure in Chapter 2 when we...uh oh! I hear Mom and Dad calling me to get in the Woody Bus. Don't forget to follow the activities and podcasts, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dog Gone Wild - Predictions and the Purple Socks

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! What an exciting week for us! Chapter 1 of our brand new story, Dog Gone Wild, is appearing in newspapers across the state. Already, we have received emails, comments, questions, and predictions. If you have read Chapter 1, you know our family is preparing to go on a camping trip. We asked students to predict what I would pack for the trip. This was one email I received yesterday:

We would like to make a prediction about what you will pack on your camping challenge.
We believe you will pack water, pupcorn, tent, doggy bed, and matches to start a fire.

Mrs. Harper's Third Grade Class
Star Elementary, Rush, KY

Awesome predictions. I will give you a little bitty hint - one of your predictions is true. Which one??? You will have to wait and see.

Mom received an email too regarding the story. Take a look:

Just finished Chapter 1. Love it! Can't wait until next week. Do you really have those striped socks?


The answer is YES! Mom really does have the purple striped fuzzy socks. Chloe and I love when Mom wears them. They are so soft and warm - and fun to try to chew - until we hit a toe.

Keep the letters and emails coming. We love hearing from you!

Make sure you listen to the podcast and participate in the activities. You can click on the Dog Gone Wild banner on our homepage and it will take you to the activities and podcast. If you haven't listened to the podcast in the past, you won't want to miss it!

Have a great day! It's only 10:30 but Mrs. Harper's email made me hungry for some pupcorn!

Always be a survivor and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


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