Monday, September 21, 2009

More Predictions!

Kentucky Greetings WoodyWatchers!
We are getting ready to go on the road, but I couldn't leave without sharing the latest predictions for Chapter 2 of Dog Gone Wild!

First, here are the questions:
1. If you were going camping and could only take 5 things, what would they be?

2. What do you predict that Woody will pack in his backpack to take camping?

3. Woody is looking forward to the competition. Have you ever been in a competition? If so, tell what happened.

Here are the answers from Ms. Hudgins class:

What we think Woody will bring in his backpack.

James- his WOOF system
Jordan-teddy bear
Millie-water bottle
Cameron-dog bowl

All very good ideas! And yes, the "Woof system" is the same as a Wii.

Ms. Lentz' class had the following answers:

Five things I would take on a camping trip are clothes, medicine, a phone, four wheeler, and a friend. Makenzie

I think Woody would take clothes, one game, things for personal hygiene, and at least things to do. Also 2 or 3 pair of shoes. Talaisia

I was in a competition and it was in basketball. We won by 2 points. Derik

If I were going camping, I would bring these 5 things: a rope, clothes, blanket, food and water, and sunscreen. I was in a competition: When I was 8 yrs old, I was playing soft ball. I predict that Woody will win the competition. Faith

I think Woody will pack these following items in his backpack: dog food, bones, water, his little dog clothes, toys, dog collar, dog house, and a dog chain. Kiara

Yes, I have been in a competition with my cousin to see who could be quiet the longest. We called the game "quiet mouse". Donnie

I think Woody will bring a dog treat, a bed, light, lighter, knife. Jack

The 5 things I would take camping: food, blanket, pillow, tent, extra food.

I think Woody would take some food, a blanket, and some clothes. B.J.

The 5 things I would take camping: food and snacks, camera, cell phone, walkie talkie, extra shoes. Takoyia M.

Yes, I have been in a competition: Me and my friends played like we had to survive and if you could not do it, you would blow a whistle. Koby

The five things I would take camping: tent, water, food, sleeping bag, and bug spray. Hannah

I think Woody would take his small bed, his lease and his dog food and water. I would take my clothes, shoes, swim suit, DVD player and a fishing pole. Michaela

Yes I have been in a cheer leading competition. I went out there and did a cheer in front of a lot of people. Then I got off of the stage and then they called us back for trophies. Mary Catherine

I would take: food, bugspray, tent, water, and backpack (with blanket, pillow, and extra food in it). A.J.

I predict that Woody will take: food, water, food bowl/water bowl and blanket. Emma

I would take a tent, food, water, blanket, and bug spray. Lataviya

The five things I would take camping: blankets, pillow, marshmallows, bug spray, ticks of my own (for the marshmallows). Kirsten

I predict Woody will take his Woof video game system, a life jacket, candy, and a fishing pole. Cameron

The five things I would take camping are: tent, sleeping bag, food, water, fire pit. Dominique

I predict Woody will take a rope, blankets, food, and water when he goes camping. Brandyn

The 5 things I would take camping are: Water bottle, tent, sleeping bag, food, and bug spray. Logan

Yes, I have been in a competition: I played in a soccer game at the YMCA. But we lost. Jessie

The 5 things I would take camping are: snacks, rope (50 foot), matches, pocket knife, shelter. Hunter

Yes, I have been in a cheerleading competition. I cheered for MLK (Martin Luther King School). Kedna K.

The 5 things I would pack to take are a D.S. to play, a change of clothes, something to eat, 2 bikes.

These are all great predictions. You will find out for sure in Chapter 2 when we...uh oh! I hear Mom and Dad calling me to get in the Woody Bus. Don't forget to follow the activities and podcasts, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!