Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Hallowiener!!!

Hi WoodyWatchers! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! It is so great to be at home for a few days. For the past several weeks, we have been leaving our doghouse on Monday and staying on the road until Saturday. We love traveling, but we needed a few days at home to rest. We were sure Dad needed a break from driving the bus too!

Last week, we spent a few days in Somerset with the students at Shopville and Eubank. We left Somerset to travel to Western Kentucky. We spent Thursday night with our friends in Todd County, before spending Friday at Crittenden County. That was our very first time in Crittenden County and boy was it fun! Everyone was so friendly to us. After school, we drove to Paducah to have dinner with my Granny and Cousins Caroline and Patrick. Guess what Granny cooked??? You got it - my favorite meal of chicken and dumplings! DOGLICIOUS!!! We spent Saturday at the West KY Book Expo in Sturgis before traveling back home. The picture is of some of our friends from the Book Expo. We had a great time on the road, but it was good to return for a few days.

Chloe and I are excited about handing out candy to the Trick-or-Treaters tonight. Everyone wants to know if Chloe and I are dressing up for Halloween. I still can't make up my mind for a costume, though Chloe has her heart set on being a BalleWiener (Get it??? A Ballerina???)! One thing for sure, Mom always reads us one of our favorite books at Halloween called "The Hallowiener." It is about a little wiener dog named Oscar. It is our favorite part of October 31st.

I better go. Mom has fixed chicken salad for lunch and I am starved. She said that Chloe and I could watch Charlie Brown's "The Great Pumpkin" while we eat. We love that Charlie Brown and Snoopy. After that, Dad says we have to take a nap so we will be rested for our visitors tonight.

I will be sure to start getting some photos on our site soon, so stay tuned. If you are going Trick-or-Treating, be safe. Stay with an adult, don't eat too much candy, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Monday, October 23, 2006

Hip, Hip Hooray for Horse Creek!

Good Monday, WoodyWatchers! Chloe and I have just finished a tasty breakfast of piping hot oatmeal. It was delicious! It had brown sugar and cinnamon - just the way Chloe and I like it! I thought I would write in my diary while my tummy settled!

Mom, Dad, Chloe and I had the greatest week last week! We spent four days with the fourth graders at Horse Creek Elementary. Horse Creek is in Clay County. Usually, we are just in a school for one day, so it was a treat to spend four whole days with the same teacher and group of students! We immediately fell in love with Mrs. Tracy and all the kids! While there, we learned so much about Clay County. For instance, did you know that Manchester is the county seat of Clay County? Did you know that Clay County was the 47th county formed in Kentucky? We learned those facts, along with so many others. I am sure if you want to learn more about Clay County, you could ask any one of the 33 fourth graders at Horse Creek!

Sure, we learned so many things together, but we also had a great deal of fun! Mom is always telling us that learning new things is fun and exciting. Last week at Horse Creek proved Mom's point.

So many of the fourth graders have been emailing me asking when we are coming back to Horse Creek. Chloe and I asked Mom and Dad. They said we would definitely pop in and surprise the students one day. So, keep your eyes open!

I better go. We have so much packing to do. We are getting ready to leave today to be gone until Saturday! If you are wondering where we are going, check out our TOUR page! Also, we will start posting pictures soon on the PHOTO page of our school visits! So much to do for two little wiener dogs!

Gotta run! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our first time in Rockcastle County

Good Sunday! Chloe and I thought we would take time away from watching football to say "Arff!" It has been an exciting week. We have so much to tell you about that we don't know where to start. We spent the week traveling the great state of Kentucky and meeting so many new friends.

This past Thursday, we were in Rockcastle County for the very first time. It was so much fun to add a new county to our list! We were with the students of Roundstone Elementary. Roundstone was a great school with lots of neat kids. The librarian, Mrs. Rogers, has a wiener dog that looks like Chloe. If you look closely in the first picture, you will see Mrs. Rogers, her daughter, and her wiener dog in the picutre!

If school wasn't exciting enough, we were treated to a tour of the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame. Mom, Dad, Chloe and I had the opportunity to walk through the museum and learn more about some of our favorite Kentucky musicians like The Judds, Dottie Rambo, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Chloe's favorite, Loretta Lynn. Chloe got to have her pitcure made by Loretta Lynn's display. She was so excited! Mom and I had fun walking on the stage and pretending like we were singing. Everyone knows that Chloe is the one with the pretty singing voice, but I enjoyed belting out a tune myself!

There were so many other wonderful things that happened this week, but I will have to tell you about them next time. It is 5:00, and you know what that means! That's right - dinner time. I wonder what Mommy is cooking up in the kitchen??? Chloe and I better go find out! I will write again tomorrow! Have a great supper! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Monday, October 09, 2006

Columbus Day

Good Monday, WoodyWatchers! Hope everyone had a terrific weekend! Chloe and I just asked Mommy if we could walk to the mailbox with her. She said we would go for a walk, but there wouldn't be any mail today since it is Columbus Day. I didn't know that. Today is the day we celebrate Christopher Columbus coming to the New World! I bet Mr. Columbus liked traveling as much as the four of us do!

Speaking of traveling, Mommy has the washing machine and the dryer going right now. Over the next 19 days, we will be working 13 of those away from home. Because of that, Mommy is getting all our laundry ready. We love it when Mom gets the clothes out of the dryer. They are so warm and snuggly. Chloe and I can't help ourselves. We always crawl right in the middle and enjoy the warmth! Daddy is running a few errands before we pack our things. Tomorrow we will be in Lexington at Cardinal Valley Elementary School. We we post some photos, so stay tuned!

I better go. Mom just asked Chloe and me to find our sweaters. She said we will need them over the next few days. It is going to be cold! That's right - these little hot dogs will be chilly dogs this week!

Have a great day! Happy Columbus Day from Chloe and me. Enjoy the sunshine! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!


Monday, October 02, 2006

A Marvelous Day in Menifee County

Hey Gang! Hope your Monday was as terrific as ours! Chloe and I just finished a tasty dinner of baked chicken and I thought I would take a few minutes to write in my diary! As usual, our schedule has been doggone crazy - but a good crazy!

Last Tuesday, the four of us spent the day at Menifee County Elementary School in Frenchburg, KY. It was a super day. We had been to Menifee County Elementary several years ago, so it was exciting to return and see so many of our friends, as well as meet new faces. When we walked in the school, Chloe and I couldn't believe our eyes. All of the doors in the school were about us! They had a door decorating contest! Boy, it was so fun to walk around the school and see all the doors. We will definitely put photos up on the photo page, but I did show you a few of the doors in the photos here. Aren't they cool??? We knew you would love them too!

After our day in Menifee County, it was back to Louisville for a Librarian's Conference. Chloe and I loved seeing so many librarians here in the state. We received lots of hugs and kisses on Thursday and Friday!

Tomorrow we will be in Meade County. We feel like Meade County is becoming our second home. We have been there quite a bit lately! We can't wait to return! I will be sure to take some photos and show them to you.

I better say goodnight! It is getting late and bedtime is fast approaching. I hear Mommy running the bath water and I know what that means! I better go get my rubber duckie. Talk to you in a day or two. In the meantime, don't forget to Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!