Monday, October 23, 2006

Hip, Hip Hooray for Horse Creek!

Good Monday, WoodyWatchers! Chloe and I have just finished a tasty breakfast of piping hot oatmeal. It was delicious! It had brown sugar and cinnamon - just the way Chloe and I like it! I thought I would write in my diary while my tummy settled!

Mom, Dad, Chloe and I had the greatest week last week! We spent four days with the fourth graders at Horse Creek Elementary. Horse Creek is in Clay County. Usually, we are just in a school for one day, so it was a treat to spend four whole days with the same teacher and group of students! We immediately fell in love with Mrs. Tracy and all the kids! While there, we learned so much about Clay County. For instance, did you know that Manchester is the county seat of Clay County? Did you know that Clay County was the 47th county formed in Kentucky? We learned those facts, along with so many others. I am sure if you want to learn more about Clay County, you could ask any one of the 33 fourth graders at Horse Creek!

Sure, we learned so many things together, but we also had a great deal of fun! Mom is always telling us that learning new things is fun and exciting. Last week at Horse Creek proved Mom's point.

So many of the fourth graders have been emailing me asking when we are coming back to Horse Creek. Chloe and I asked Mom and Dad. They said we would definitely pop in and surprise the students one day. So, keep your eyes open!

I better go. We have so much packing to do. We are getting ready to leave today to be gone until Saturday! If you are wondering where we are going, check out our TOUR page! Also, we will start posting pictures soon on the PHOTO page of our school visits! So much to do for two little wiener dogs!

Gotta run! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!