Saturday, August 04, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Have you ever know it to be so doggone hot??? We have to go out and play early in the morning and late in the evening. Mom says it's too hot to play outside in the middle of the day! We finally convinced Mom we could handle the heat the other day. She took us outside and we made it a whopping 4 minutes before we admitted that once again Mom and Dad were right and we needed to go inside. It was too hot. So, if we haven't been working, our days have been spent playing on the bed with our favorite toys, reading books, and playing Checkers, Go Fish, UNO, and Old Maid. Here is a picture from a few days ago:

Our Nana gave us those toys and we love playing with them. We have all different colors and shapes! As much as we love playtime, there's always work on our calendar. We just sent Mr. Nathan our schedule for August so he could post it on the Tour Page. September and October are almost full. Once we have everything in place, we will post that schedule on the Tour Page too. For now, here is our schedule for August:

Tuesday August 7
Owsley County Elementary
Booneville, KY
Woody’s Five Ways For Parents and Students to Have a Successful School Year
Noon to 4

Wednesday August 22
Western Elementary
Centertown, KY
Woody’s Five Ways to Be Successful
Woody’s Five Ways to Improve Writing

School Day

Thursday August 23
Southern Elementary
Beaver Dam, KY
Woody’s Five Ways to Be Successful
Woody’s Five Ways to Improve Writing

School Day

We are definitely ready to pack our Scooby backpacks and hit the road again! We're ready to meet new people and learn new things!

We've heard our new book is almost ready and the brand new newspaper series, Unleashed will premiere soon. I will post the newspapers that have signed up so you can see if your paper is on the list! If not, we have to call them!

I better run for now. Rudy the puppy is getting the Go Fish cards out of the toy box. I want to make sure Rudy deals me in the game!

Stay cool, drink lots of water, wear your sunscreen, and listen to your parents! And don't forget to Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!