Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CSI: Canine Secret Investigator Chapter 4

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! If you are keeping up with CSI, at the end of Chapter 4 I saw something flying through the air. I was quite the scaredy cat! I asked readers to email me and give me their predictions on what I could have seen. Take a look at all the answers:

We think the object is a flying saucer since Roswell is known for flying saucers in the past.

Ms. Gregory’s 5th Graders at Monticello Elementary


We think that Woody saw a Hot Air balloon at the end of chapter 4.

Your third grade friends from Picadome.


My class had a few ideas...

1. Sky

2. Birds

3. Wings of the airplane

4. Helicopter

5. Turkey Vulture

6. Hawk or an eagle

7. Army jet

8. A different plane

9. Someone sky diving with a jet pack!

10. Someone with a parachute??

Staci R. Rish
4th Grade Teacher
Meadowthorpe Elementary


Here were some answers from several students in Fayette County:

I think the object is a smaller plane guiding the plane into the runway. I am also very happy that my answer for the time zones was right! :) – Christopher

I think the thing in the sky was another airplane. – Joseph

Maybe it was a piece of luggage? – Andrew

I think it was a bird. A bird might not be strange but they can go up to 37,900 feet alttitude. – Anna

Hey woody I think the thing you saw flying was another airplane because an airport is where airplanes land and take of so it might have been a really close plane so it might of scared you. It could have looked like it was about to crash into you so you panicked. - Amaya

I think it was either a U.F.O or a bird. – Joshua


Mrs Michelle Lentz' fifth grade reading classes at Holiday School had the following comments when asked "What do you think Woody saw"?

I think Woody saw a helicopter pass by the plane. Mollie Grace

A spaceship was flying in the air. Zachary

A space shuttle. Vance

Birds flying together. Kalaysia

I think Woody saw a jet or helicopter flying through the air. Sydney

I think Woody saw a spaceship or another plain. Morgan

A bird flying in the sky or an unidentified flying object. Jalen

Spaceship. Emilee

A jet plane. Ke'ala

I think it was a bird. Edward Lee

I think Woody saw maybe another airplane or somebody parachuting out of a plane. Abigail

A bird. Zack

A spaceship is what I think he saw. LaQuire

I think Woody saw a flag waving and he thought it was something flying in the air. Bailey

Jet plane. Deavion

I think Woody saw another plane or the wing of the plane. Logan

I think it could be a jet, helicopter, or another plane... Gracie

I think Woody saw a bird, or another plane. MacKenzie

I think Woody saw an airplane. Sincerely, Asyah

Woody saw a building but he must have thought it was moving with him. A'nya

I think it was another airplane taking off or the airport going past them as they were landing. Ethan

I think what was in the sky was a jet. Kassidy

Mrs Lentz' Fifth Grade Reading Class
Holiday Elementary School, Hopkinsville

We love hearing from you! Keep those emails coming and keep reading CSI!

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