Friday, November 11, 2005

Ms. Burrows and her Budding Picassos!

All of that singing stirred up my creative juices!

After leaving music class with Ms. Hall and her students, we pranced to Ms. Burrow's class. We arrived just in time for art class. We were so excited that our tails couldn't quit wagging! It was time to start on our project! Everyone knows how much Chloe and I love looking at the colorful murals. Ms. Burrows said we could take a wall in the school and design our own mural! We knew one thing it would definitely include - a wiener dog!

While Chloe and I were putting on our smocks, Anna, Jacob, Ashton, and Darren collected the paint. They chose UK blue and U of L red, along with so many other bright, bold, and shining colors. Every painter needs a good brush. Andie, Justin W., Megan, and Grant J. were in charge of the utensils. I think we were ready to begin.

Standing at the blank wall, ready to paint, Amber, Jenna, Grant L., Whitney, and Austin began to sketch the outline of the wiener dog. They needed a live model. Chloe and I were happy to oblige. Bubba, Alexis, Stacey, Teressa, Chase, and Ms. Susan helped Chloe and me stand in place. Ms. Burrows, Jordan, Keona, Justin S., and Jessie began to put the first coat on the wall. Though we still had lots of work ahead, it was already beginning to look fabulous!

I wish I could tell you all about the finished product, but we are late for our next class. I sure hope that is lunch because this little wiener dog is starving. I will catch up later. In the meantime, Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!