Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Chilly Dogs

Hey Friends! You can sure tell winter is on its way. It has gotten so cold!!! In fact, Chloe and I have to wear our sweaters when we go outside now. We will definitely put our sweaters on tonight. Chloe and I have been chosen to be the Grand Marshal of the Bardstown, KY Christmas Parade. We are so excited! We will be riding in a convertible! We will be sure to post pictures tomorrow!

This is a photo with our new friends at Russell-McDowell Intermediate School in Greenup County. They were so friendly - and excited about our visit. They had put posters all along the hallway showing us how much they love us. It was a great, great day!

I better go. Chloe and I have to practice our parade wave!

Have a great day. Be sure to put your sweater on when you go outside!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!