Wednesday, November 09, 2005

School days

A great big HotDiggetyDog hello! Hope you are having a wonderful week. Chloe and I sure are! This week we are with our fourth grade friends at Hardinsburg Elementary. We met them last year on one of our visits and they were kind enough to invite us back. This time we are spending three whole days with the fourth grade talking about writing! Chloe and I are minding our manners and being respectful. I am trying real hard not to have an accident in the fourth grade class like I did last week at Jenkins. It really was an accident and I was very ashamed. Enough about that! Anyway, here are two pictures. The first photo is with our friends in Ms. Hagman's class. They were holding up their "Tails" scrapbooks to show us how much they are enjoying the stories. The second is of some friends in Ms. Lucas's room. They were working on writing a letter to me explaining why I should write about Hardinsburg in the "Tails" series. It was a wonderful day! While Mommy was talking, Chloe and I were pretending how much fun it would be if we were teachers. Actually, I was pretending I was the principal and Chloe was the teacher! It was nice dreaming, then Dad said Mom needed our help. Back to earth!

I better go to bed. Tomorrow we will be with the students of Ms. Hall and Ms. Burrows. We can't wait. We will post some photos with those students tomorrow. Keep your eyes open! Also, the fourth graders told me they would help me write this BLOG all week. It will be nice having some help!

Daddy is getting ready to read us a bedtime story! Talk to you tomorrow. Sweet dreams! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!