Sunday, November 06, 2005

Happy November!

Hey Gang! I can't believe it is already November! Where did the time on my Scooby watch go? I had several emails this past week that said, "Woody, where are you? You haven't blogged lately?" Well, we have been busy little hot dogs! Where should I begin?

We kicked off the month of November in Letcher County (a brand new county for us) with the students at the Burdine and McRoberts campuses of Jenkins Elementary. This was one of the most exciting weeks! First of all, we were able to be with Jan and Harvey Tackett. We met them a few years ago and instantly became friends. They have three dogs - two of them being wiener dogs. We knew they were great people! Anyway, while we weren't enjoying our time with the students at Jenkins, Mrs. Tackett was being our tour guide. She took us all around Letcher County. We saw the most beautiful mountains. It was gorgeous with all the leaves changing colors. At one point we saw the sign that said, "Welcome to Virginia!" Oh no! We had driven so far that we were in Virgina. Mom told us that Letcher County bordered Virginia. We also met lots of people in the town who keep up with the "TAILS" series through their paper, The News Press. I could talk all day about our visit. We will put some photos up soon!

Letcher County wasn't the only county in Eastern KY we visited last week. We also spent a day at the Pikeville Public Library. There were 101 pre-school children in our first session. There were kids everywhere! Needless to say, Chloe and I had lots of loving that day! While in Pikeville, we saw the 99 steps to the college. This time, since I wasn't in the doghouse, I tried climbing them. I only made it up about, oh, ten. Oh well, at least I tried!

Friday was spent in Maysville with the students at Jones and Straub Elementary. They were excited to meet us and to have their scrapbooks signed. That afternoon, we went to their newspaper office, The Ledger Independent to meet the folks of the community. Ms. Ginny Butler was a great hostess. She even had dog bone cookies!!!

Though we were finished with our work week, it wasn't time to go home yet. We had to go Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington to root for our CATS! We came in second place! (Dad says you never lose, you just come in second!) We had a great time just the same. Here is a photo of some of our friends at the game! Notice how we have on our blue!

Be sure to check the site in a few days to see some of the new photos from this past week!

Whew! Chloe and I have to go to bed now. Just thinking of our busy week makes me dog tired! I will blog again soon! In the meantime, Work and Dream Like A BIG DOG!