Monday, October 05, 2009

The Alphabet Game

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! We just love that so many of you are following Dog Gone Wild! Here is an email from a class that just completed The Alphabet Game.

Dear Woody,

Our 4th grade class loves your book in the newspaper. We are reading it
from the Falmouth Outlook.

We played the Alphabet Game last week and we finished in less than three

We would like to share with you the items that we thought of.

A: apple

B: banana

C: chocolate chip cookies

D: donuts

E: eggs

F: fish

G: graham crackers

H: hamburgers

I: ice cream

J: jelly

K: Ketchup

L: lemons

M: mustard

N: nachos

O: oatmeal cookies

P: pineapple

Q: quart of apple juice

R: radishes

S: sandwiches

T: tacos

U: umbrella-- to shade us from the sun

V: V8 juice

W: watermelon

X: "X-tra" large pizza

Z: Zebra cakes ( Little Debbies)

We are looking forward to reading more chapters in Dog Gone Wild.

Your friends in Mrs. Beagle's 4th grade class,

Mrs. Beagle, Ramey, Junior, Seth, Alexandra, Myles, Donaven, Kaitlyn,
Savanna, Breanna, Cheyenne, Dalton, Samuel, Christopher, Alex, Autumn,
Lanisha, Gaven, Nikki, Drevon, Tyler, Elvis, Nikyta, Brian, Mackenzie,

Michelle Beagle
4th Grade teacher
A. D. Owens Elem.
Newport Independent Schools

Not only did they have a terRUFFic time, they had super answers. Chloe and I have already asked Mom if we can have an X-tra large pizza with oatmeal cookies and Zebra cakes for dessert! YUM-MEE!

Keep those emails coming! Keep being a survivor and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!