Monday, October 12, 2009

Dog Gone Wild Chapter 3

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! We are in Chapter 3 of Dog Gone Wild. So many students are participating in the activities. Here is an email I just received:

After Mrs Lentz' 5th grade classes at Holiday Elementary School read Chapter 3 and pasted it into their scrapbooks, we talked about the "reindeer crossing" road sign that Woody saw along the road. The students were asked to complete this sentence:

"Other road signs that Woody could have seen while traveling are: ...

Watch out for children, Speed limit 25, Exit sign, Entering sign, highway crossing, construction. Keora

Speed limits, signs that tell you what is there at this exit, miles away from destination.

Stop signs, Yield signs, train signs, and a lot more. Cody

Directions to a shortcut, or a sign that says raccoons at the campground. Makenzie

One way sign, a U turn sign, and turn right/left sign. Love (drew a heart) Claire

Stop signs, Watch for Children at play signs, speed limit signs, and Do not park here anytime signs. Kiara

All kinds of highway signs and highway number signs. Karson

Mile signs that say how many miles. McCaela

Speed limit or a Railroad Ahead or even stop light ahead; also he could see highway exits and gas stations or food stops that are ahead. Katyn

Stop sign, railroad crossing and a yield sign. Jack

Exit sign, stop sign, cross walk sign, curve sign. Brandyn

Max weight 50 lbs, highway crossing, people crossing, Gatlilnburg next right, railroad crossing. Cameron

U turns sign, arrow signs, cross road signs, stop sign, animal signs, construction road signs, highway signs. Jessie

Deer, Direction signs, speed signs, stop signs, railroad signs, walk slow signs, watch for kids signs, railroad track signs. Emily

Watch for children, city signs, yield, one way, stop, seat belt, speed limit, exit signs, state signs. Hunter

Wrong way, stop signs, slow down. Kirsten

Stop signs, watch for children signs, exit signs. A.J

Speed limit, stop signs, railroad signs, exit signs, welcome signs. Koby

Construction signs, speed limit signs, watch for children signs, stop signs, city signs, state line signs. Jakoyia

Stop sign, yield, railroad, Exit #, enter, caution, construction signs, sped limit, watch for children, city lines, state signs. Sydney

Stop, yield, exit, enter. Steven

Stop. Rioya

Signs that say the exits, how fast you could go, or caution signs. Kaci

Exit signs, caution signs, stop signs, and speed limit signs. Emily

Men at work, stop, speed limit, Hwy 80. Hayden

Speed limit; they could also tell you to watch for deer and moose and other animals that could come out of the woods. B.J.

Signs like stop signs, speed limit signs, and many others. Madison

Some of the students in Mrs Lentz' classes chose to write a short story that includes the six new words Woody used in Chapter 3: Navigate, Destination, Coonskin cap, Reindeer, Shortcut, and Highway

Chloe and Woody challenged each other. They navigated and took shortcuts to the highway. They finally reached their destination, Daniel Boone Campground. Faith

We can't take the shortcut. I know how to navigate and that is not a shortcut. Ooh no, a reindeer. We need to be careful because if not we will get lost before we reach our destination. Annie

As we went through the shortcut, Woody's Dad said "I don't think we're going the right way. I said "Don't worry, Dad, I think we are going the right way and then we crossed a bridge, and the sign said Death Valley. Was that our destination? Jaxon

As we drove, the navigation system said "Turn right". As we turned, my brother found a shortcut. "Turn here" he said. A loud boom and "POW!" we've got a flat." Dad said "You have reached your destination" . The GPS said ..... Dylan

Moma, Ginny said, "If you tell me where our destination is, I can navigate". Well, Ginny, we are going to Highway 92 to see Uncle Beb's reindeer Mama replied. Doesn't Uncle Beb always wear the coonskin cap and take shortcuts everywhere?" Yes and we are here." Katie

Moma, I said. Where's our destination. Can I navigate the map? Yes said mom. A few minutes later, Mama took this shortcut on the highway. Is this is a challenge said Moma, No I said. An hour later, I said I want .... Talaisia

These are great answers! We love reading the sentences. Katie, Chloe and I would love to see Uncle Beb's reindeer one day! ARFF!

Keep the emails coming! Be a survivor and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!