Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TAILS from Oakview

Kentucky Greetings from the entire Wiener Dog Gang! We hope this finds all our faithful diary readers having a great Wednesday! Chloe and I couldn't wait to tell you about the PAWS-atively perfect day we had at Oakview yesterday. Oakview is located in Ashland, KY. (If you have never been to Ashland, you should go. It is a beautiful place on the edge of Kentucky.) We walked in and couldn't believe our eyes! The entire school was decorated for Chloe and me! We tried to show you a few photos. It seemed every wall in the school was dedicated to Chloe and me. It was so neat!

Ms. Sparks, the librarian, planned the perfect day for us! A great big thanks to Ms. Sparks and all the staff and students for giving us a day and evening we will remember forever! We will be sure to post photos at the end of the month. (By the way, we haven't forgotten about the photos from September. Our schedule has just been crazy! We will get that taken care of soon!!!)

We returned home early this morning - about 7:00. Dad, our official bus driver, had to pull over in Frankfort to go to bed. So, rather than coming home last night, we spent the night on the road and pulled back into our doghouse early this morning. We won't be here long though. We will be packing up in just a few hours to drive to Murray - Mom's birthplace. Tomorrow we will be at Southwest Elementary! This is the school Mom taught music at for 4 years! We are so excited!

By the way, did anyone see our CATS beat the #1 team in the nation this past Saturday? It was an exciting game - a nail biter!!! We have another big game this week! Chloe and I can't wait!

Have a great Wednesday! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!