Sunday, October 07, 2007

"Mr. Dogwood Goes to Washington" - Chapter 3

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! It is Sunday morning and Chloe and I have just finished a delicious breakfast of our favorite vittles! We are getting ready to brush our teeth and comb our hair for Sunday School. We had a few extra minutes so Mom said I could write in my diary.

We had another very exciting few days since I last blogged with travels to Henry County and Todd County! I can't wait to tell you all about them and show you some neat photos.

I wanted to show you the email I received from our friends at Holiday Elementary. As I have told you before, they are faithful readers of Mr. Dogwood Goes to Washington. Not only are they faithful readers, they also participate in the activities. Mrs. Wanda Klingensmith (a grandmother of one of the fifth graders) gives up her time to read the stories to the entire 5th grade. Isn't that an awesome grandmother!!! (If you are a student at Holiday, give Mrs. Klingensmith a hug from Chloe and me!)

Anyway, the activity this week was after the students read chapter three they had to write a paragraph of what they learned. They also needed to use one of the vocabulary words from the chapter. Here are the responses from Mrs. Toliver's homeroom. They were fantastic!!! We know you will love reading them. (By the way, see if you can determine what the vocabulary words were.)

Today Woody went to the National Mall and saw the Declaration of Independence. Woody thought it was fantastic and he learned that colonists lived in the 13 colonies. Woody also concentrated on the guard. He learned that Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence so America could have freedom forever. Jacob

I learned about where the Declaration of Independence is kept at and I think it is a fantastic place to go and see. I also wonder does the colonist still live in there. I really think it is a great place. Tatyana

Today, in Chapter 3, I found out that the colonists didn't like the taxes the Kind of Britain put out. I also learned that there were important documents kept there like the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence says that the colonists should have freedom and pursuit of happiness. Aric

Today I learned that they have a mall but not the kind you shop at. That is fantastic but it's true. And they concentrate on it. DeNayia

I learned that Tomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and the colonists had freedom after the war. The National Archives building has the Bill of Rights, Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Cliff

When I read Chapter 3, I learned about the mall and the Archives building. It is where they keep our documents. Jordan

Today I heard the most fantastic thing ever. The Britain's ruled America in 1775. Wow! I also learned that the National Mall is not exactly where you go shopping (That's strange). Emileigh

In Chapter 3, I learned that the freedom document is kept at the National Mall in the Archives building. Also that colonists, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin wrote the Declaration of Independence. Kristen

Today I learned that long ago colonists lived here and people from part of Europe tried to take over. Kayla

In Chapter 3, I learned that there is a National Mall, except that you don't shop there. I learned a lot about the colonists too. They had a war that led them to freedom from Great Britain. I also learned the Declaration of Independence is located in the National Archives. T.J.

Today, I learned about the way Great Britain ruled America and we had to pay lots of taxes to the King. Marqualis

In Chapter 3, I learned that the Declaration of Independence is kept in the Archives at the National Mall and it is not a regular mall. Austin

Today I learned that they went to the National Mall. Next they might go to the White House to see the President of the United States. Dylan

When I read Chapter 3, I really concentrated on it and I learned that the National mall is at not a place you shop. It is a National mall where they have documents. I also learned that on July 4 of 1776, representatives of the 13 colonies approved the Declaration and the United States was born. TaJae

In Chapter 3, I learned about the National Mall. The colonists was something else I learned about. Also I found out about the Archives and I learned about Washington D.C. Tat'ianna

When I read Chapter 3 and I learned where the Declaration of Independence is now. I also learned about Ben Franklin. Eric

In Chapter 3, I learned what the National Mall is. It is an open area in National Park. And I learned that the Great Britain ruled America and that on July the 4 of 1776 representatives of the 13 colonies got freedom. George

Today, when I read Chapter 3, I learned that there is a National Mall in D.C. At first I thought it was a mall kike where you go shopping but it's not. Also I did not know it took years to win the peoples freedom. I learned a lot today. Breanna P.S. I love Woody books!

Aren't they great? Chloe and I really concentrated on each one!!! The amazing part was that the students seemed to learn the exact same things that Chloe and I learned - especially about the colonists, freedom, the Declaration of Independence, the list goes on and on...

Thanks Mrs. Klingensmith and all the 5th graders at Holiday! We love your responses, so keep 'em coming!!!

I better go. Mom says the clock is ticking away! We don't want to be late so I will say ARFF for now! Have a great day! Try to learn a new vocabulary word, give your own grandmother a hug, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!