Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Exciting Preditions

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! We hope this finds you enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon! I just woke up from a Sunday afternoon nap and boy do I feel rested!

Chloe and I love receiving email - especially comments and predictions regarding our current story, "Mr. Dogwood Goes to Washington." Our fifth grade friends from Holiday Elementary in Hopkinsville, KY wrote to Chloe and me prediting what our next adventure in D.C. would be. Take a look at their responses:

I think Woody and his family will wake up and go to the White House. I think this because Woody seemed so excited and he thought that might be one of the places they would go. Hannah

They take pictures of all the stuff in Washington, D.C. and see the White House. Maxie

I think they will go to the Lincoln Memorial or the White House because the White House is a good place to learn. I think he will go to the Lincoln Memorial because Lincoln is a good war President. Hunter

I think that he is going to go to the other side of Washington, D.C. Sierra

I think Woody and Chloe and their parents are going to the White House and meet the President. Greer

They are going to the White House because they want to see the President. Kathleen

I think Woody is going to the White House because he might want to see the President at the White House. Jaila

I think he and his mother are going to see the Capitol. Dijonae

Go to the White House to see Mr. President. Devante

I think Woody will go see the White House because the President lives there and Woody would love to see him. Ellen

I think he is going to the White House. Josh

It seems that visiting the White House is overwhelmingly the favorite prediction! Will we visit the White House??? Guess you will have to read to see!

I better say goodbye for now. I will be sure to write more in a bit! I always have exciting things to tell you!

Have a great day! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!