Saturday, February 11, 2006

A snowy Saturday!

Good Saturday Morning! Chloe and I just finished our breakfast and are now watching the snow fall! It is so pretty! We are hoping to put on our scarves and sweaters and play in the snow a little later! Can you say "Chilly Dogs?"

Well, we had another fantastic week last week! Thursday found the four of us at Clear Creek Elementary in Shelbyville, Kentucky! That was a beautiful school! It was brand new and very pretty! I made sure to mind my manners and not have an accident like I did a few days earlier at Christ the King School! (I am still embarrassed about that!!!)

We thought we would show you a few pictures from Clear Creek! The first is of a bulletin board that the school had displayed in our honor. Mrs. Karen Standafer (and lots of other teachers - too many to name) did a super job planning for our visit! This board made us feel right at home!

The second photo is of our new friend David! Mommy asked David a question and he answered with "Yes Ma'am!" That made us all so happy! Dad asked if he could take David's picture so we could brag on his terrific manners!!! You know how Chloe and I love kids with manners!!! Keep up the good work, David!

Well, Dad just came in from checking out the snow! He said it was cold and slippery! He also said if we helped Mommy by picking up our toys, then he would take us out to make "Snow Dogs!"

Have a great Saturday! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!