Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hey WoodyWatchers! Chloe and I wanted to take the time to say "Arff, Arff", and to tell you what a great day we had yesterday. We were at Christ the King School in Lexington. Everyone was so friendly and respectful - not to mention lots of fun! The best part of our day however was our hostess! That's right, Chloe and I had our own special hostess named Sarah. Sarah made sure that Chloe and I were where we were supposed to be, when we were supposed to be there! She introduced us to the teachers and the students, and even introduced Mommy in the assemblies. The one photo you see is of Mommy, Chloe, Sarah, Sarah's dad, and me. Sarah's dad even helped our Dad unload the Woody Bus! Let me just say that Dad loved that!!! He usually has to do that all by himself. (Mom, Chloe, and I don't have the greatest muscles!!!) Anyway, we loved being with Sarah so much that Chloe and I wanted to hire her to travel with us full-time. Mom reminded us that she needed to be at her own school every day. Mom's are always right!!! (By the way, notice how in the photo I am straining my neck to see how TALL Sarah's dad is!!!)

The other picture was taken in a fourth grade classroom at Christ the King. Mommy was talking about the writing process when I looked over and saw a map of Kentucky with all of these towns marked. I thought, "Hey, that looks like all the stops we made while our our TAILS tour." I was right. The fourth grade tracked our travels while we toured the Bluegrass!

As you can see, it was a perfect day! We hope to see our friends at Christ the King again soon!

While in Lexington, we thought about staying over and going to Rupp Arena to watch the CATS take on Tennessee. We decided against it. Dad said it was a late night for two wiener dogs. Anyway, we came in second to Tennessee. I guess you can't win them all!!! Anyway, I better go. Tomorrow we will be at Clear Creek Elementary in Shelbyville. We will tell you all about it in a day or two!

Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!