Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sailing with the Lakers

Hey WoodyWatchers! Hope this finds you in the middle of a great Saturday! Chloe and I are snuggled up on the couch, resting and remembering a fantastic week in Western Kentucky. As you know, we love the western part of our state - especially since that is where Mommy and I are from! In fact, Thursday we spent the day at North Elementary. North is where my Mommy went to elementary school. As you can imagine, it was a terrific day! Mom felt right at home. She saw so many of her friends. Dad, Chloe, and I loved meeting the people who are so special to Mom. The day was filled with lots of hugs, laughs, stories, and pictures. Everyone knows how much we love pictures. Dad has become not only the official bus driver and computer man, but the official photographer too. Usually at a school, Dad will take about 120 photos. Well, he took 230 photos from our day at North! That tells you how special the day was. (We will put many of the photos on the Picture page of our website at the end of February.)

One of the most exciting parts of the day was Doodles. Doodles is a book the students at North put together. The students write stories of all kinds - fiction and non-fiction. Their pieces are put together in a book called Doodles. Doodles was unveiled on Thursday evening. Chloe and I couldn't wait to get our paws on our own copy. In fact, we have been reading every page. Ms. McCafferty and Ms. Oliver did an outstanding job editing the book. It is top-dog, if I do say so myself!

We could bark all day about our visit to North! It is a day we will never forget! We certainly hope to see our North Laker friends again soon. In the meantime, Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!