Wednesday, February 14, 2007

TAILS from Madison County

Hey WoodyWatchers! Happy Valentine's Day! Chloe and I hope you all are having a great day! We are home today after spending a few days in Madison County. Saturday we were in Berea. We love Berea. If you remember from TAILS 2, we spent an afternon in the Arts and Crafts Capital. In fact, Chloe tried to make a beautiful necklace from dog food and cereal. Well, there wasn't time for crafts in Berea during this visit. Our job was to speak at the AAUW Brunch. I didn't really understand what the AAUW stood for, but Mom explained the brunch was to help women go to college. Once we heard that, we were even more excited to be there! Mom, Dad, Chloe, and I were there with other authors, one of them being our good friend, Mr. Silas House. Mr. House is one of Mom's favorite Kentucky authors. Dad and Chloe snapped a photo of Mom and me with Mr. House. Chloe and I love playing with his daughters. They are lots of fun!

On Tuesday, we were in Madison County once again. This time we were in Richmond at Marshall Elementary. Marshall is a brand new school. It was gorgeous. Since it was brand new, I made double sure not to have any accidents of any kind! I was a good boy! Mom said she was proud! Anyway, we made lots of friends. Mrs. Scully, the librarian, was the nicest lady. She even let us hang out in her office during our breaks. Her son, John Patrick, became our good buddy!

We just didn't meet students and teachers, we met the nicest ladies from the lunch room. One lady said she loved reading our TAILS! I took a picture of her kissing Chloe!

I better run for now. Tomorrow we will be at Briarwood Elementary in Bowling Green. Dad is loading the Woody Bus right now. I am packing my sweater once again. It is so cold outside!

Have a great day! Stay warm, stay safe, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!