Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hopkins County, Snow, and Ground Hog Day

Good Saturday Morning, WoodyWatchers! We hope everyone had an exciting week! Chloe and I had a terrific week. On Monday, we loaded the Woody Bus and headed to Madisonville, Kentucky. Madisonville is in Hopkins County and is in the western part of the state - my stomping ground!!! Most of the time, we travel in the Woody Bus that has our own bed, but this time we used our car. That meant we had to stay in a hotel. Chloe and I love staying in hotels. It is such a treat. The bed was so big! The best part was that every morning the phone would ring to wake us up. Isn't that the coolest thing???

Anyway, on Tuesday we spent the day at Jesse Stuart Elementary. It was a blast. The school was beautiful and the students and teachers were so friendly. They had spent time following our TAILS in the fall. They even made a cool sign for us!

Wednesday found us at the Dawson Springs Branch of the Hopkins County Public Library. We were there with Ms. Cindy, Ms. Mary, and our illustrator Mr. Asher. Ms. Cindy has the actual BookMobile that was in our TAILS 2. It was great to see the BookMobile again!

On Thursday, we were supposed to be at West Hopkins. Chloe and I woke up and looked at the clock and it was 7:30! I couldn't believe it. We had overslept! I asked Mom why the hotel didn't wake us up. She laughed and said I had slept right through the phone ringing. Then she told me we weren't going to school that day because it had snowed the night before. Chloe and I were so sad. We had been so excited about West Hopkins. Mom said not to worry. We would be going there again within the next few weeks!

Since we didn't have school, we loaded up and headed back home. On Friday we woke up to even more snow! We woke up early because I couldn't wait to tell Chloe "Happy Ground Hog Day!" It is one of our favorite holidays!

I better go. It is Saturday morning and that means the usual chores are waiting - cleaning out my toy box, straightening my bookshelf, you get the picture. After that, Mom and Dad said they are going to take us to the library to check out some books. We can't wait! We love the library!!!

Have a great day! Stay warm in this cold weather! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!