Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friends from BriarWOODY

Hey WoodyWatchers! It is Saturday afternoon and Chloe and I are watching our favorite team, the Kentucky Wildcats. Sadly, our Cats are getting beat. I was pouting a bit when Mommy reminded me that losing is a part of life. She is right, but I sure like winning better!

During a time-out, I decided to check my email. Two of our new friends from BriarWOODY sent us this photo. This picture was taken at the school on Thursday night. Say "Arff" to our friends Shelley and Landon! We met them for the first time on Thursday. They were lots of fun. We knew you would love this picture!

I better go. Chloe said we are only four points behind! I have to go cheer them to a victory!

Talk to you soon. In the meantime, Go CATS! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!