Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Predictions for Chapter 8

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! It's Chloe! I am writing in Woody's diary for him. He can't come to the computer at the moment! We hope you are enjoying Dog Gone Wild. At the end of Chapter 7, Woody heard rustling in the woods. We asked our readers what they thought would happen next. Here are answers from our faithful readers in Mrs. Lentz's Class at Holiday Elementary:

I think Woody’s family has discovered that they couldn’t see him in the tent, so they went looking for him in the woods. Jakoyia

I think it’s his mom and dad getting closer. He just does not know it because it’s raining. Hunter

I think Ranger Ralph will come with Woody’s family and that’s what I think was rustling in the woods. Emma

I think Chloe and Woody’s parents are rustling around in the woods. Brandyn

I think Ranger Ralph is coming and Woody will say that I need help. Help! Help!! I need help please help! Keiona

I think that Woody hears a bear, or a cute chipmunk rustling in the woods and it might pop out and starting singing “I lost my meatball, toooo!”. Cameron

I think Woody hears his dad or a bear rustling in the woods. Donnie

I think what is coming closer and closer is Woody’s mom and dad, and Chloe. I think Woody wants to be safe and calm on the way home. Jessie

I think what will happen next is maybe a wild animal is coming up behind him. Kaci

I think an animal came and gave him food. Ryoya

At the end of the story I think Chloe or Ranger Ralph is coming. Hayden

I think Woody’s family or Ranger Ralf are coming to rescue him next. Emily W.

I think what will happen next is Chloe will pop out on him and scare him and then Chloe and he will get lost. Emily H.

I think it will be his sister and his dad wrestling in the woods after hearing Woody singing. Sydney

I think the rustling in the woods can be Woody’s mom and dad and Chloe coming to rescue him. A.J.

I think that the rustling in the woods are his family coming closer and closer. Koby

Another dog like Woody will come out walking in the woods whistling and start talking to Woody. Mary Catherine

I think the rustling in the woods are Woody’s mom, dad, and Chloe searching for him. Dominique

I think that Woody hears his mom, Dad and Chloe. Then I think Woody will get in trouble but he will be safe in the tent. Logan

I think the reason why Woody hears rustling is because there could be another dog coming to see if he needs help. Lataviya

I think it is Ranger Ralph coming through the woods. I think this because I think Woody’s parents sent him to find Woody. Hannah

I think it will be Chloe, mom and dad rustling in the woods and they will save Woody. Kirsten

I think that Woody hears a bear then the bear wants to eat him. After all he is a “wiener” dog! Katie

His parents and Chloe will come and rescue him. Claire

I think it might be the Ranger Ralph, but that’s not going to help much. Annie

Chloe and Woody’s parent out. Faith

I think Woody will get brave and stand up for himself. Stay strong, Woody! B.J.

One thing it could e is a wild animal. Secondly, it could be his family or Ranger Ralph. Derik

Woody was probably just getting scared and no one is there because it happens to me all the time when I am alone. Josiah

It will probably be his parents and Chloe. Talaisia

Someone comes looking for him. They find him because he is singing. Dylan

Either his parents will find him or the Ranger will help him. Jack

I think that he will find Chloe. Wade

I think it will be Chloe, mom and dad trying to find him or someone that works there. McCaela

What I think will happen next is Ranger Ralph will find Woody in the bushes singing. Kiara

I think that it’s a big bear. Or a raccoon. Or a squirrel. Or Chloe. Or a snake. Who knows? Madison

I think it is Chloe or maybe it is a snake, or a bear, or the park ranger or his parents. Karson

I think it is Chloe, Park Ranger Ralph, a bear, a snake or his parents. Cody

I think it is Chloe. Also, I think it could be a snake, or even a bear, or his parents. The world will never know until the next chapter! Katyvin

A bear will come out and eat his leg off. Jaxon

I think that the family will come looking for him and will take him home and it stops raining so they sit around the campfire and sing songs. Anneshia

I think that a bear cub is walking out from a blueberry bush to share some berries with Woody. Michaela

Mrs. Lentz and her wonderful two reading classes!

Whew! Just reading those answers gave me goosebumps - scary, scary goosebumps - especially the comment about a bear eating my brother's leg off! I hope I don't dream about snakes, bears, or raccoons!

Thanks for reading the story! Keep in touch and in the words of my brother, Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!