Monday, November 16, 2009

Looking for Woody

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! It's Chloe! If you are following the story Dog Gone Wild, you will know my brother is lost and the family is looking for him. We asked our faithful readers to give us ideas on where we should look for Woody. Here were responses from our faithful readers in Mrs. Lentz's Class at Holiday Elementay in Hopkinsville:

To find Woody, I would suggest to Chloe to look under all of the bushes in the woods and look at the tree trunks on the ground. Emily

To find Woody, I would suggest to Chloe to look everywhere she thinks he would be and maybe call for Woody and see if he would answer and listen for where his voice is coming from. Mary Catherine

To find Woody I would suggest to Chloe to go by bushes and listen for Woody crying or playing his harmonica. Dominique

To find Woody I would suggest to Chloe to use her cell phone for like a GPS if she has one on it. Or she could use voice microphone that you can use if you are a director (like “Cut!”). Lataviya

That she should keep yelling his name until she finds him, or to try recalling the office when they open. Logan

Maybe if she had GPS on her phone she might be able to find him. Kirsten

Blow the whistle very loud! Donnie

Look under bushes and call his name.

Look under the bushes next to the fishing sign with his harmonica. Cameron

Look at the fishing pond and listen for his harmonica. Emma

Go into the woods and be brave. Keiona

I would go back to where they went fishing and see if there was any paw prints and put Chloe’s foot on the right one and follow them. Hunter

Listen for Woody’s harmonica. Ryoya

Look for little doggy footprints and follow that trail. Kaci

Look for muddy footprints and to look in the driest areas. Emily

Listen to his harmonica and follow the noise. Hayden

Go down by the lake or where it is wet. Steven

Use her camp map to look at all the places and also at the Daniel Boone camp and look at all the trees and see if he’s behind one. Jakoyia

She should look at the bushes where Woody lost his instrument and look in the bushes close to that spot. Koby

Hey Chloe, I think you should look for Woody in bushes and caves because he might be sleeping in them. Also you should look by the location where he lost his harmonica. Michaela

Chloe could back track where she and Woody were earlier in the day. Chloe could find Woody when he plays his harmonica. Derik

I would tell her to look under every single bush and tree. B.J.

I would tell her that she could make smoke signals so Woody could see it, and to look by rivers because Woody might be there to get water. Faith

I would tell Chloe to think about what Woody might do, see, say and look at the clues around you to find Woody. Talaisia

If I could talk to Chloe, I would tell her to don’t worry and keep looking. She could look for Woody where he lost his harmonica. Josiah

One place she should look is the Daniel Boone Campground Office in case Woody went there looking for help. Another place is the lake in case Woody went there looking for Ranger Ralph. Katie

Chloe, look under bushes, trees, anything a wiener dog could or would hide. Blow your whistle and see if he hears you. Good luck! Claire

If I had to give Chloe advice to where to look for Woody, I would say to look under trees where rain doesn’t get. Jaxon

Chloe, you should look for Woody in a cave. That’s where I saw him last! Good luck! Annie

Chloe should look by the lake because Woody lost his harmonica while he was fishing. Makenzie

Chloe you need to look where Woody could eat something. For example, a berry bush. Also, look where you think Woody would make himself comfortable/relaxed. Look where Woody would get in trouble. P.s. I know me, and I know Woody! Ka’Tyvin

You could look around the lake or somewhere that Woody would eat. Brittney

Woody could be at the river and in bushes and look where he could get in trouble. Cody

Chloe could find Woody in a bush, or along the trail walking-alone. Chloe also can find him in the river or by the river. Karson

Hey Chloe, maybe you should look in the usual places he might be in. And maybe look in the unusual spots. Hope this helps! Madison

I would go on top of the tallest tree that you can find and yell out and see if you can see him. Wade

Hi Chloe. It’s one of Woody’s dearest friends. Maybe try looking in a cave or at the lake try looking for clues. Dylan

Well, Chloe, if I were you, I would check every cave in the area. Then I would check all around the area because I don’t think he’d go very far. Jack

I would tell her to think like him. McCaela

Chloe could look for him in bushes, trees, or even caves. Think like Woody and go where he would go. Kiara

These are all great answers! Dylan - that is so nice of you to be one of Woody's dearest friends! All of the suggestions are so helpful! Therefore, I better hop to it and get going to find my brother! Stay tuned to find out how the search goes!

Keep the faith and in the words of Woody, "Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!"