Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chloe Looks for Woody

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! It's Chloe again! If you are following Dog Gone Wild, you will know that Woody is lost and we are looking for him. Thankfully, we have had lots of suggestions on where to find my brother. I just received this email from Mrs. Upton's Second Grade Class at Eminence Elementary. These are great suggestions! Take a look:

Isaak-under a tree

Gracie-listening to his harmonica

Destiny-marking a trail to see if he can find his footprints

Matthew-maybe he is in the bushes

Shelbie-trying to climb a tree

Emily-maybe he is hiding

Kaleb-maybe he is shaking with fear

Dakadrian-to see if he can find his way to the tent or beside a bush

Stephen-maybe he is by a stream

Brianna-look in the bookbag

Micayla-down by the lake

Autumn-down the river

Mary-under a tree

Bryndan-by a stream drinking water

I never even thought about checking a book bag! Thanks Brianna! Knowing my brother, anything is a possibility! I will check it out and let you know! In the meantime, keep the faith, keep reading, and in the words of Woody, "Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!"