Sunday, December 02, 2007

From Cumberland County to Jefferson County

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! It is Sunday evening and Chloe and I have been inside all day. It has been raining kitty cats and wiener dogs. It is tough when Dad has to carry an umbrella over us when we go out to - you know... I bet our geese and duck friends are loving this rain! It was a perfect day to stay inside, read books, take naps, and play checkers!

This week was another week on the road for us. This past Tuesday, we spent the day in Burkesville, KY. Burkesville is in Cumberland County and is at the very bottom of our state. Mom, Dad, Chloe, and I hadn't been to Cumberland County in years. It was so much fun to spend a day and evening at the school. We were treated like kings and queens. In fact, on Monday night when we arrived, someone knocked on the door of the Woody Bus. It was Molly. Molly is the daughter of the librarian at the school. Molly brought us cookies. They were dee-lish! We took a photo of Molly on Tuesday. (See the second photo with the paw on her face. Stepping on Molly's cheek was my way of saying, "Thanks for the cookies!!!")

We left Cumberland County on Tuesday night headed for home. It was late when we left, so Mom made us put on our jammies and sleep on the way home. Dad drove late into the night. In fact, we got home at 1:00 on Wednesday morning. Thankfully, we were off on Wednesday. Chloe and I were able to catch up on our beauty rest!!!

Thursday found us about 20 miles from our house. We were at Tully Elementary in Jeffersontown, KY. Like Cumberland County, everyone at Tully made us feel like family. Speaking of, Aunt Sue - the lady who puts together our computer presentations came to the school with her dad. I was so excited to see Aunt Sue. (In fact, Aunt Sue, if you are reading this, sorry about the accident I had on your coat. I just hadn't seen you in ages!!!) The second two photos are of our visit at Tully. (By the way, I loved that Christmas tree! It made me want to sing Christmas carols!!!)

I better say Arff. It is 7:30 and will be bedtime before I know it. I can't believe December is here. Where has the time gone??? I have to finish up my list for Santa Claus. Chloe has her list all ready, but I am still working on mine.

Have a great night! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!