Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Vacation

Kentucky Greetings and Happy Holidays, WoodyWatchers! Whew! I can't believe it has been almost two weeks since I last wrote in my Diary. Christmas vacation has kept me busy, well, vacationing. Our semester was so packed with school visits, book signings, and other exciting events that by the time Christmas vacation arrived, Chloe and I were ready for some Christmas cheer.

We loved our Christmas tree this year. It was covered with nothing but dog ornaments. It had candy canes, but they were all rawhide candy canes. The first day we decorated the tree, Chloe and I tried to eat it. Mom and Dad explained real quick that the tree was not to be eaten!!! The best part of the tree were special ornaments, a few of them given to us by some of our best friends - and the presents. It was fun to look at the pretty packages and try to guess what they were. When Santa Claus came and left our surprises, Chloe and I were beside ourselves! I included a picture of me with my new squeak toy!

We weren't the only ones to receive special gifts this year - Mom and Dad received some special presents too. The third photo is of our new friends Ms. Pat and Ms. Donna. We met Ms. Pat this past fall at a Book Signing. We quickly became special friends. Ms. Pat gave Mom and Dad this beautiful portrait of our family. In fact, it is the picture that is on the back of our book, Woody, The Kentucky Wiener: A New Home. The painted portrait is far more beautiful than the picture itself. Even though Ms. Pat and Ms. Donna gave it to Mom and Dad, Chloe and I get to enjoy it every day. We look at it all the time. As you can imagine, Mom won't let me hold it. She says I might accidentally get it dirty. I can be pretty clumsy as all of you know!

As you can see, Christmas was the best ever at our house. We hope your Christmas was the best ever too! We are looking forward to the last few days of 2007. 2007 was a PAWS-atively terrific year, so it will be bit hard to say goodbye. We will finish 2007 in Nashville at the Music City Bowl. We will be watching our Kentucky Wildcats play football against the Florida State Seminoles. A Bowl Game Win would be a great way to end 2007! Go CATS!

I better say ARFF! It is breakfast time and I smell bacon!

Have a great day! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!