Monday, November 26, 2007

Mr. Dogwood Goes to Hardinsburg

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! We hope each of you had a great Thanksgiving! Chloe and I had a turkeyrificThanksgiving! We saw our Granny and cousins in Paducah and then our Papaw, Mamaw, and lots of other cousins in Bardstown. The food was dee-lish! We ate so much turkey that we have been gobbling instead of barking. I can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner. Chloe and I have already made out our list for Santa, though I am still changing mine, adding to it, you get the picture!

Speaking of pictures, I wanted to show you a few pictures from our time at Hardinsburg Elementary. Each fall, we spend two days with the fourth graders at Hardinsburg Elementary in Breckinridge County. It is a highlight during the year. Ms. Hall, Ms. Hagman, Ms. Lucas, Ms. Butler, and Ms. Shrewsbury always make us feel right at home! We talk about writing skills with the fourth graders, yet it feels like more of a homecoming than it does school!

The fourth graders have been keeping up with our newspaper series. You can see from the first photo that they have their scrapbooks. It was fun signing all their scrapbooks, even if my paw did get a bit tired!

Lots of the students gave us pictures, letters, and notes. One of our favorites was from Daniel. He drew this wonderful picture of a dog. He should definitely think about a career in art! If the picture wasn't perfect enough, he took the time to frame it. Dad snapped a photo of Daniel, Mom, and me. (I don't know why my tongue is out. I guess because the next day was Thanksgiving.)

I better say ARFF for now. When I started typing in my diary, it was still dark outside. Now I am starting to see daylight. We will be packing up the Woody Bus again to drive to Cumberland County. We can't wait to tell you all about it!

Oh - I almost forgot - Mr. Nathan (the man who takes care of our online doghouse) put lots of new photos up on the Picture page. Take a look!

Have a great day! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!