Monday, November 19, 2007

Mr. Dogwood Goes to Washington

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Hope this finds you having a great Monday! Our friends from Holiday Elementary in Hopkinsville emailed us with some great comments from Chapter 9.

This week, after reading Chapter 9, Mrs Campbell (the Social Studies teacher) asked them to write about one of the following:

- What you think Woody and his family will do next week

- Someone you know who is serving in the Armed Forces or has been in the military.

Ms. Toliver's homeroom wrote the following responses. Take a look:

One person I know that is in the military is my dad. He is a support guy. He checks if pilots are ready to fly. Dad is a Sergeant and he has gone to Iraq 3 times. He also helped a lot of pilots and he works at an airfield. Aric

I think Woody and his family are going to the White House to see the President of the United States. George

My Uncle George's friend is in the Army but he is still at home. He has a daughter named Anna. He has been in the military for 15 years. He was at the Veteran's Day Program that we had here at school. He supports the US. Tatianna

I think Woody and his family are going to see the PRESIDENT at the White house in Washington, D.C. Austin

A person I know that is in the military is my dad. He is retired now, but he was in the Army. He was a Lt Col. He was in the Chemical Corps of the Army. He served in Iraq for 1 year. He still tells stories from when he was in Iraq, and I love them! My dad is someone I know that was in the military. Cliff

I think Woody and his family are going to visit the soldgures in Irack. Eric Conyers

One of my friend's dad's friend is a veteran. He loves his country a lot. I'm pretty sure he served in Iraq for couple of years and many more places two. Once I ate dinner at my friend's house and he prayed for a whole two minutes thanking the Lord for his country and freedom. I really appreciate what he did. Breanna

My uncle's friend is in the military and he has not retired yet. His name is Chris. My friend Sam's dad is in the military and we presheyate them fighting for are freedom. Jordan

I know two people in the Armed Forces. My first person is my dad. He was in the Navy. He and my mom had to move to Washington State. He's not in the Armed Forces any more. Secondly, my great uncle was in the War , in Korea. He brought back things from Korea. He is now retired. Thank you for serving me! Kayla

I know Heaven's dad, Mike, and he's going back to Afganastand in December. Mike is staying there for 1 or 2 years. Emileigh

A service person I know is my sister, Darnell. She hasn't gone to war yet but she is graduating from basic training. I'm glad that she is brave enough to sign up. My family is proud of her. Kristen

I think Woody and his family are going to visit the President at the White House. Josh

A serviceman I know is my dad. He was in the Navy. He served during the first Gulf War. He is now retired as a serviceman. T.J.

My mom's boyfriend served in Kuwait. He has been in the Army for 13 years. He is supposed to come back next week. Shaveon

My Dad was in the military. My Dad went to Iraq for 4 years. Now he is retired. Jacob

I think that Woody and his family are going to the White House. Marquavis

My Uncle Michal use to be in a military. He had fought in Iraq. He got hurt during the War. But he is still living but he is retired. I really appreciate him fighting for our country. Tatyana

I know a military person that is my uncle. He was in the Air Force. He is retired. Dylan

I think Woody and his family are going to the White House and meet the President or they will go to meet some military people. Tajae

I know a guy that is in the Army. His name is Cameron. He is 17 years old. He had to go train but now he is in Iraq. He is coming back in a year and a half. Richie

WOW! Chloe and I loved this email. Once again, we are so proud to be an American! To think so many military men and women work to provide a safe and free country for us. It makes us feel so good to know that we are so loved here in America - and so free. A big puppy dog kiss to Aric, Cliff, Kayla, Kristen, T.J., Jacob, and so many others for sharing your dad, sister, and other family members. We can't imagine what it is like to have a dad or sister in the miliary. Thanks for sharing your family members for us!

As you know, Thanksgiving is this week! Chloe and I love Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for so many things - one of which is our great military and our great country!

I better say goodnight for now. Have a great night, always be proud to be an American, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!