Sunday, April 02, 2006

Where have we been?

Hello WoodyWatchers! Sorry Chloe and I have been strangers lately. Our Woody Bus has traveled so many miles in the past few weeks. I haven't had the time to write lately. I received an email that said, "Woody, where have you been?" I told Chloe and I better BLOG soon!

Did everyone have a Happy April Fool's Day? Did you play any tricks? Chloe thought it would be funny to put cat food in my bowl for breakfast. I only ate a few bites before realizing it was different. Honestly, it wasn't too bad - pretty tasty. I was afraid I was going to start meowing though. So far, so good!!!

Since we last wrote, we have been in Henderson, Crab Orchard, my birthplace of Paducah, and Hopkinsville. We were in so many great schools. I posted a few photos so you could see.

The first two photos are from Pembroke Elementary in Christian County. You can hardly see Chloe and me in the first picture since everyone is trying to see how soft our fur is. The second photo is with a group of first graders. Chloe and I spent a few minutes with them. They asked the best questions!!!

The last photo is from Crab Orchard Elementary in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Ms. Mingo, the librarian, had the neatest Clifford doghouse. Well, we all know how much Chloe LOVES Clifford. My sister couldn't wait to check it out. She is hoping the Easter Bunny will bring her one just like it! We told Mom and Dad that we could hide in our Clifford doghouse when she ran the vacuum cleaner!

I better say goodnight. It is almost time for bed. Chloe is picking out a bedtime story and my tummy is telling me I need a bedtime snack. I may even see if Dolly (my kitty sister) will share some Meow Mix! Hee Hee!

Sleep tight, WoodyWatchers. Even in your dreams, remember to WORK AND DREAM LIKE A BIG DOG!