Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Taste of Kentucky

Kentucky Greetings! Hope you all have had a great day! Chloe and I are finishing up our bedtime snack. Mommy let us eat a PUPtart tonight! YUMMY! Anyway, we wanted to tell you about the book signing we had earlier this evening at A Taste of Kentucky in Louisville. It was too fun. The best part was seeing all of our friends. The first picture is of our friend, Ms. Vikki. We met Ms. Vikki at A Taste of Kentucky a few years ago. She is Tobey-Scarlett's mommy. Let me just say that Tobey-Scarlett is so pretty! She even wears bows in her hair!

The second photo is of Jinx, Eloise, and Tramp's mommy. Her name is Ms. Connie. We had never met Ms. Connie, but Jinx, Eloise, and Tramp email us from time to time. They are so funny and make Chloe and me laugh!

Finally is a photo of our new friend Ms. Angela. She has a wiener dog named Snicklefritz. Isn't that a sophisticated name? She brought pictures of Snicklefritz for us to see.

As you can see, we saw so many people. There wasn't even time for Chloe to shop, and you know how girls love to shop in the mall. After she saw Tobey-Scarlett's bows, she wanted to buy a few bows for herself. Mommy said her hair was too short though.

I better go. It is almost time for our bedtime story, then off to bed. We are going to be in Paducah tomorrow at Clark Elementary with our cousins Caroline and Patrick. We can't wait to see them. It is a long drive though, so I better get some rest.

Have a great night! Sweet Dreams! Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!