Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mommy's Hometown of Murray!

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Hope you have had a great day! Mom, Dad, Chloe, and I spent the day working at home. We are getting ready for "TAILS of the Bluegrass - Part II." Therefore, we have been thinking of places we can go, studying the map, and making plans. We are so excited. I can hardly wait!

Speaking of places in Kentucky, we were in one of our most favorite towns this past Tuesday - Murray, Kentucky. "Why is Murray one of our favorites?" you ask. Well, for one thing, it is Mommy's birthplace. Mommy was born and raised in Murray. She always loves getting home to see so many of her friends.

The newspaper in Murray - "The Murray Ledger and Times" invited us to spend the day with the students of North Calloway, Southwest Calloway, and Murray Elementary. The four of us stayed on the campus of Murray State University (the place where Mom went to college) and the students came from school to see us. Talk about fun!!! All of the students were so very friendly and respectful. Chloe and I loved all the hugs and kisses we received from everyone. They had kept up with our newspaper articles and it was neat to hear their comments. Needless to say, we took lots of photos. We will put them on the photo page soon, but here is a few you can see now.

The first photo is with the students from North and Southwest. They were in the hall of the Curris Center waiting for my "PAW-graph!" The second photo is of Mommy and Mrs. Reita Robinson. When Mommy taught music at Southwest, she taught with Mrs. Robinson. She loved seeing her friends like Mrs. Robinson and all the other teachers from Southwest. The next photo is of the publisher and staff of the Murray Ledger and Times, and the last photo is of the students at Murray Elementary. The teacher in the photo is Mrs. Marcy Back. Mommy and Mrs. Back went to high school and college together. As you can imagine, it was like a homecoming for Mommy.

We want to say a big thank you to the newspaper and all the students and teachers for a great day! We will never forget it!

I better go. It is almost dinner time. I am starving. Mommy is making my favorite - chicken and dumplings. She said if I ate all my dinner, I could have a PUPsicle for dessert! YUMMY!

Have a great day. I will blog again in a few days. In the meantime, WORK AND DREAM LIKE A BIG DOG!