Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Spring!

Good Morning, WoodyWatchers! Hope you are enjoying your week! Can you believe it is now Spring? When Mommy told us on Monday that it was the first day of Spring, I thought I could put my sweater away, but later in the day, Chloe and I looked outside and it was actually SNOWING!!! It is still cold today, but at least Mr. Sun in shining!

We kicked off our week in Hazard, KY at Dennis Wooton Elementary. It was an exciting day! WYMT TV came to the school and interviewed us. It is always funny seeing ourselves on television. It never fails after we see ourselves on t.v. that Chloe doesn't ask if her hair looked okay!

We made so many friends at Dennis Wooton. We were especially excited about seeing Mrs. Libby Nolan. Mrs. Nolan teaches third grade at the school. She has a wiener dog named Penny (as well as many other animals, including a bunny named Flopsy!). Anyway, Mrs. Nolan and Mommy had been emailing each other for a few years, but had never met. It was wonderful to finally meet Mrs. Nolan. Mrs. Nolan gave Chloe and me a basket of goodies. Their was a chew toy in the basket that had my name on it! In fact, Mommy made me put it down while I typed!!! We posted some pictures of Mrs. Nolan and her third graders, my chew toy, as well as many other friends.

I better scoot! We have a busy day. We will be packing our Scooby suitcase to head to Henderson, then Crab Orchard. I will bark all about it when we return. In the meantime, Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!