Friday, October 07, 2005

Catching up with Faithful Woody Readers!!!

Hi Woody Fans! Hope you are enjoying your Friday! Chloe and I have been two busy little pups traveling all around the Bluegrass! This past week found us in the Western KY area - my old barking ground. We spent Monday and Tuesday with the students at North and South Livingston Elementary. We were treated like a KING and QUEEN!

Wednesday found us in my birthplace of Paducah. I always love being in McCracken County with my Granny, cousins, and friends! We even did a surprise visit with the kids at Clark Elementary! We were there right at lunch time. Can you say "LUCKY DOG"? They were having fried chicken. Yum, yum!

While in Paducah, we met with the faithful readers of "Tails...". So many came out to the library to have their scrapbook signed. They asked us lots of questions. One young guy even wanted to know what my favorite Moon Pie flavor was!!!

We left Paducah in time to make it back to Bardstown for another "Meet-n-Greet", this time at "The Kentucky Standard". It is always fun to be with the folks of Nelson County. Dad is a Nelson County native. He had a fun time talking with all of his friends. Lots of people thought Dad and I look just alike - I think I look more like Mommy! Anyway, above are a few photos of the great event!

Well, I better run. Today is our day off and we have lots of things to catch up on before getting in the Woody Bus again. Chloe said to tell you all "Arff"! She is playing with her Raggedy Ann doll, getting ready to watch Scooby.

Talk to you soon! Work and Dream Like a BIG DOG!