Sunday, October 16, 2005

What a week!

Wow! In the course of last week, Chloe, Mommy, Daddy, and I traveled over 300 miles, visited four different counties, and saw lots of people. The first part of the week was spent in Northern KY with the students at Miles and Lindeman Elementary. We had a blast! We made so many new friends.

Friday was spent in Paintsville, KY with students from the area schools coming to meet Chloe and me. They brought their scrapbooks to have signed and also had lots of questions. The question everyone had was if I would be out of the doghouse to write this week's article, or if Chloe would still be writing. I told them they had to tune in.

We left Paintsville in time to make it to the Pikeville Fall Festival of Authors. We saw so many of our good friends in Pike County. People in Pikeville asked if I was going to try to climb the 99 steps to the college like Chloe. That's too many steps - even for a little guy with four legs! By the way, we saw lots of people drinking Pepsi!

We have schools this week in Barren County, then we go back to Northern KY! (They really like us in Northern KY!) Mommy has washed our blankets and toys and we are ready to hop in the Woody Bus yet again! I am hoping we stop for lunch. This little hot dog is hungry!

Have a great day! I will write again in a few days!

Work and Dream Like a BIG DOG!