Friday, September 30, 2005


Hey Friends! Hope you are enjoying this nice fall day. I can't believe it is fall already! Chloe and I may have to break out our sweaters soon. It can get cold going outside in the early morning. Can you say "CHILI DOG"???

It has been so exciting to see our column in the papers across the state each week. This past week, we spent an evening with the folks in Henry County. Their newspaper, "The Henry County Local" hosted an event so that our faithful readers could meet Chloe and me! It was so fun - even more fun than playing fetch!!! At the end of the evening, they presented us with a big box of yummy goodies! DOGlicious! Chloe and I were so excited that we just climbed in!!!

Well, it is almost dinner time so I better run. Chloe is picking up her toys and needs my help. Have a great day! I will "blog" again soon! Work and Dream Like a Big Dog!