Wednesday, September 10, 2008

West Irvine Wiener Dogs

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! Our family is once again in the trusty old Woody Bus driving down the highways of Kentucky! We spend lots of time driving down the road. I thought I would take a minute to tell you about yesterday's visit to West Irvine Elementary. (Don't worry, I have my seatbelt on while I type!)

The students at West Irvine Elementary have been faithful followers of the Woody Series. Ms. Rhonda Smith of The Citizen Voice and Times does a terrific job! She makes sure the students receive newspapers so they can read our story! Ms. Smith called and asked if we would be interested in visiting West Irvine!!! Well she certainly didn't have to ask twice. Our motto (besides Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!) is Have Toothbrush, Will Travel! Ms. Smith got the ball rolling, and then Ms. Woolery and the Family Resource Center helped put the plan into action!

Everyone at West Irvine made us feel right at home. Some of the teachers showed us how they had really followed our last story. We posted a photo of Ms. Jackson and the book she made! It was impressive!!!

The principal, Ms. Isaacs (last photo) is considering changing the mascot to the West Irvine Wiener Dogs! I will keep you posted! We can't wait to visit our friends in Estill County again!

We left Estill County, made a quick stop at our doghouse in Shepherdsville and are now traveling to Owensboro. I can smell the Bar-b-Que now!!! DEE-LISH! I will tell you all about it!

Have a great day! Wear your seatbelt and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!