Thursday, September 25, 2008


Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! My inbox has been overflowing with emails telling me how much everyone loves our new story, Heads and Tails. We are only at Chapter 2 so if you haven't caught it, it's not too late!

At the end of Chapter 2, I open my eyes and am shocked at what I see. We asked students to email me and tell me why they think I am shocked. Here are a few emails:

(We) predict that Woody is in shock because he is in the year 1909. Chapter 3 will take place in 1909. At the end of this episode, Woody will end up in 1929-The Great Depression. They guys figured this out based on ten chapters and putting the dates in order.

Students from Ms. Smith's Class
Spring Meadows School
Bullitt County Public Schools
Bullitt County, KY

That's a neat idea! The Great Depression, hum...

Here was another email:

Our predictions as to why Woody was in shock when he opened his eyes:

He opens his eyes and he is in 1909.

He opens his eyes and the penny is gone.

He opens his eyes and the words property of Abraham Lincoln on the penny.

Ms. McClard's 4th Grade Students
Sharpe Elementary
Marshall County, KY

"Penny gone???" Oh no! Could it be? "Property of Abraham Lincoln" - I like that!

Here is another email I received this morning:

Hi Woody my name is Tyler. So what will you do with the penny. If you aren’t going to do anything with it could you send it to me at (my house in) Maysville Kentucky.

Sorry, Tyler! Nice try, though! I won't send you a penny, but check the mail, you may see something else!

Stay tuned to see what happens with the treasured penny! In the meantime, Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!