Friday, June 27, 2008

A STAY-cation!

Kentucky Greetings, WoodyWatchers! We hope this finds you enjoying a nice Friday evening! We love Fridays at our doghouse in Shepherdsville. It's nice to look back on the week and remember the neat things that happened.

Our family has been on a STAY-cation. You know, like a vacation, but at home! We love crawling in the Woody Bus, singing our favorite travel songs, and viewing the sights! In fact, this past year, we were on the road almost 200 days during the year! But, since we travel so much all year round, when we have some time off from work, it's nice to stay at home! This past week, our schedule was clear. Rather than traveling somewhere, we did some fun things right here in our area. We went to Louisville Slugger Field to watch the Louisville Bats play baseball. There's nothing like a good ol' baseball game. We love seeing the vendors walk around with all their goodies, participating in the wave, and stretching during the 7th inning stretch! Anyway, while at the game, we looked up and saw a photo that looked just like Chloe! I asked Dad if the Bats were thinking of changing their mascot to the Louisville Wiener Dogs, but he didn't think so. Oh well, probably a good thing. We really like Buddy the Bat!

We have also hung around the house, read our favorite books, watched our favorite shows like The Andy Griffith Show, played checkers, and have taken lots of walks! Even on our walks, Frannie the Bodyguard makes sure we are free from harm!

I also had another appointment with Dr. Scott Campbell at the Metro Vet Specialist today. The snoring is gone and Chloe is getting plenty of beauty rest again. Dr. Campbell still didn't see a bean in the nose!

I better run! Whether you are going on a vacation, or staying on a stay-cation, enjoy! Drink lots of water, wear your floppy hat and sunscreen, and Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!