Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pennies from Vine Grove

Arff, Arff, WoodyWatchers! I hope you are enjoying the warm weather wherever you are. Chloe and I love playing outside in the sunshine with Mom and Dad!

Sorry I didn't write in my diary much last week. We were gone almost all week long. The first part of the week started out in my birthplace of Paducah. We were with the students at Reidland Elementary. We left Reidland and traveled clear across the state to Ashland, where we spent two days in the school. We returned home around midnight on Friday. Chloe and I slept late on Saturday, trying to catch up on our sleep. We slept so late, that we almost missed Scooby Doo! We aren't used to staying up late. We are usually in the bed by 8:00, so midnight was strange!

Yesterday, was a treat for Chloe and me. We spent some time with Ms. Whelan's class at Vine Grove Elementary in Hardin County. The News Enterprise Newspaper in Hardin County held a penny drive to raise money. They wanted to collect money so they could keep delivering the newspapers to students in the schools. Well, Ms. Whelan's class was the class that collected the most pennies! Isn't that cool??? Chloe and I sure thought so. Anyway, to show our appreciation, we spent time with the class. I have included a few photos. The first is of Ms. Whelan with Mom, Chloe, and me. The second picture is of the entire class. They all gave Chloe and me lots of love and hugs. Chloe was so relaxed that she slept in class for a while. Finally she woke up, and then kissed most of the students! Anyway, as you can see, it was a terrific way to spend an afternoon!

Hip, Hip Hooray, Ms. Whelan's class! Hip, Hip Hooray! Thanks for all your hard work!

Well, I better run. Mommy says we have to finish our breakfast and pick up our toys. We are off today so Mom is going to take us to the library so we could check out some books! I am getting ready to get my library card out for the trip!

Have a great day! Remember to Work and Dream like a BIG DOG!